Katy Perry; “Going Off About Ex Was Theraputic”

Katy Perry says she needs to get these anvils off her chest...and she is NOT talking about her breasts.

"Circle The Drain" is about her ex Travie McCoy and his addiction to drugs. She never mentions him by name but it is about him.

She compared it to Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" and we do see it.

She says she felt the "F" word is OK to be used when needed and she felt it was for the song.

For those that missed it last week, here is "Circle The Drain" below. Is it on par with "You Oughta Know" or hell no?-Dr.FB

01 Circle the Drain by TPBSecretLeaks


What’s Up Doc American Hero Edition


Hello and welcome to another edition of you and your mom's favorite celeb wrap up show, What's Up Doc?

This week we cover the instant celeb status of Steven Slater, Sofia Vergara versus Madonna, Katy Perry, Travie McCoy, George Michael getting busted again (sigh), and the whole J. Lo Shania Twain American Idol debacle.

We hope you enjoy this weeks edition of WUD and Keep It FUNKY!-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Goes Off On Ex Travie McCoy In New Song

Katy Perry. Photo: New York Magazine

Katy Perry. Photo: New York Magazine

Katy Perry.

Hmm.  I wonder if Travie McCoy knew this when he was performing at The Teen Choice Awards on Sunday and Katy Perry was hosting.

"Circle The Drain" is on her Teenage Dream" and doesn't sound like her too much.  It talks about Travie's drug use and how he kept making excuses for his addiction.  She even said he fell asleep during foreplay.  Wow!  You have to be seriously effed up to do that on Katy.

Russell Brand better never cross Katy after hearing this song.  She even called McCoy a "Fu$&ing Joke" wanting to be his lover and not his fu&$ing mother.

Ouch!  Harsh! Check out the song below and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

01 Circle the Drain by TPBSecretLeaks


“Billionaire” By Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars

We debuted this back in May but it has been gaining heat each week so I felt the need to post this again.

Here is "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars.

What do you think of the song now?-Dr.FB


“Do Something” Awards To Be Hosted By Jane Lynch

Check out the promo ad for the "Do Something" Awards hosted by Jane Lynch on VH-1.

The show will feature performances by such Funkenberry artists as Lifehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, and Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars.

Too funny. Love her.-Dr.FB


Travie McCoy W/Bruno Mars “Billionaire”

Travie McCoy Lazarus Cover
Travie McCoy Lazarus Cover

Travie McCoy Lazarus Cover

Here is the cover of Travie McCoy's upcoming CD Lazarus, which features "Billionaire" the debut single.

Travie had a hit with Gym Class Heroes "Girlfriend" song and is more famous for being Katy Perry's boyfriend before she hooked up with Russell Brand.

He gives shoutouts to Oprah and what he would do as a "billionaire" and even throws a diss to Katy Perry as he lets you know he is single without the ho-ho.  Ouch! 

Check out "Billionaire" and let us know if you are going to funk it or dunk it.-Dr.FB

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