No Lip Syncing! EMINEM’s Uncensored “Rap God” YouTube Awards Performance!

Eminem Rap God Cover

EMINEM performed on the YouTube Awards where he won Artist Of The Year. It aired after his SNL questionable lip syncing episode.

It is obvious that Eminem is NOT lip syncing and just like his SNL performance, he keeps looking down to the lyric monitor as a reminder of what the lyrics are.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Shot in black and white, it is a much more powerful performance than SNL. Big time


#SensualSaturdays “Blurred Lines” By Robin Thicke Featuring Pharrell & T.I.

Robin Thicke Video Still

It is time for #SensualSaturdays with "Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and T.I.

Someone asked why we haven't featured this song on the site before. We have. Back in early April to be exact.

Sometimes we just feature songs before they blow up is all.

For the uncensored version, click HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Read between the lines....


Robin Thicke’s New Video “Blurred Lines” Too Hot For YouTube!

Robin Thicke Video Still

A different video of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell has come out but due to the lack of clothes the females are wearing, the video has been pulled by YouTube. The original version below has not been pulled.

Pharrell tweeted: "Why they trying to ban good sh*t?"

Robin Thicke chimed in as well stating: "YouTube took down the Unrated version of #BLURREDLINES because it was too hot!"

We don't want to get in trouble with our advertisers so...if U want to watch the UNCENSORED version, click HERE!!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Violence is OK. Nudity is not!


NSFW! Official Uncensored Red Band Trailer Of “Magic Mike” Watch Now!

NSFW! Here is the Red Band Trailer for "Magic Mike" which is hot and uncensored!!! NSFW!

If you want to watch the uncensored Red Band Trailer For "Magic Mike" then please click on the continue reading button below. NSFW!


Video: Dr. Dre & Eminem “I Need A Doctor” Uncensored Extended

Here is the uncensored version of "I Need A Doctor" by Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey.

Enjoy it in it's extended 8 minute glory.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Just What The Dr. Ordered


Uncensored Video Premiere: Enrique Iglesis Featuring Ludacris “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”

Um, is it 1999 again? It must be because Enrique Iglesis is hot again and Ludacris is joning him for "Tonight (I'm Loving You)" and from the windows to the wall, they are bringing it.

We never imagined seeing Luda chilling listening to the "Good Ship Lolipop" and he doesn't...for too long. 

Check out Enrique and Ludacris warm you up this winter and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video Premiere: Kanye West Runaway (Uncensored)

Here it is. The return of Kanye West with his video "Runaway" in it's 30 plus minute video form.

There is other songs from his upcoming CD ""My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which will be released on November 22nd.

What is every one's fascination with ballerina's all of a sudden?  Ha!

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-.D.FB