Yves Saint Laurent

Royalty At Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show As Prince Attends

Prince Photo: Flynetonline.com

Although he may sing about Christion Dior in one of his newest songs, Prince attended the Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show in lovely Paris and even the other stars as well as fashion icons were impressed with Prince being there. Katy Perry was seen trying to get a look at our fav behind a railing […]

Salma Hayek’s Husband,Francois Pinault, Held Hostage During Protest

Yeah, it’s true, the only reason why I posted this story is so I can look at Salma’s beauty….again…..SO WHAT!! 🙂 Mr. F. H. Pinault was held hostage in a taxi cab for over a hour while 50 angry workers/protesters tried to “boss-nap” the billionaire. Pinault was attempting to leave a board meeting when this napping  took […]

No. 10: Those We Lost

Those we lost in 2008: Johnny Podres, 75. Pitched Brooklyn Dodgers to their only World Series title in 1955. Bobby Fischer, 64. Chess man Suzanne Pleshette, 70 Actress Heath Ledger, 28 Actor (More on Heath later in countdown.) Margaret Truman Daniel, 83 Writer/Singer Roy Scheider, 75. Actor Robin Moore, 82. writer Myron Cope, 79. Broadcast […]