Gisele & Tom Brady; Not Engaged Yet…?

Gisele & Tom Tom; Not Yet?  File Photo

Gisele & Tom Tom; Not Yet? File Photo

So, last Friday, it was reported by various media outlets that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were engaged to be married.  Some people wondered if we were late to the party as we did not report it. Why didn’t we? 

Well, we never had it confirmed that the engagement took place.  Still haven’t.  During the holidays, several fake stories come out.  This person is divorcing that person, this person hooked up with that person,  even fake death reports.  The reason being is that during the holidays, things are slow.  So sometimes we hear something and so desperate for a story, we go with it and want to believe it.  It seems this may have happened.

Now, we told you months ago that Tom was going to be married before the other QB Tony Romo, IF it was to happen by the end of the year.  We said all bets were off after Romo’s season was over.  Still standing by that.

So right now, no engagement confirmed.  What we can confirm is that Tom’s injury, which became infected and he had to go under the knife again, is not healing properly.  So what looked like he could come back by late October/November, is now looking like Tom will be out for the 2009 season.

Tom had the surgery in L.A. at a clinic that usually handles basketball injuries to legs.  Several athletes who have had knee surgeries or leg injuries have not come back by the timetable they were told.  The Patriots are still angry at Tom for not listening to them and having the surgery with the team doctors.  So far, the Patriots are right and have every right to be upset, engagement or not.-Dr.FB



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