Two Auditions, One Unusual Night.



So it seems that I spoke too soon, and forgot how things work. When I said see you next Tuesday, I guess I ment See you tomorrow, because the final auditions are tonight, and next week is Hollywood Week. It’s a good thing you don’t need to know anything to be a minister of the good book of AI.

Tonight we are in two cities. East Rutherford, NJ, Where the airis as clean as my bathroom after a heavy Mexican dinner. For some reason they are saying New York, then again who wants to admit they are in New Jersey. The second is San Juan, Puerto Rico. The city of latin love, for those who can’t affort to go to Spain.

Tonight, there were some… How do I put thus nicely… Interesting auditions tonight. There were a few that totally blew me away, but there were also a few that were insanely bad. I wasn’t surprised to see twenty six people make it through to Hollywood week from the New Jersey Area.New York is right next door, and how many people go there to “make it”.

I said it yesterday, I’ll say it again today, I am exited and eagerly looking forward to this season. Not sure what  to expect, or to see who will make it in the end, but I am eager to find out. Either way, I’m going to watch Hells Kitchen, and I’ll talk to you all next week.


Peace be with you and all that junk.

The Reverend Statik




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