Randy Jackson

Mariah Carey Fires Randy Jackson After Crazy “Idol” Season

Mariah Carey has fired Randy Jackson as her manager as her and Randy will not be coming back to “American Idol” next season. Neither will Nicki Minaj or Keith Urban as well. We are sure this season of American Idol did not help Randy retain his management services of Mariah, but she is blaming “hectic” […]

Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj Releases Low-Budget Video For “Come On A Cone”

Ahh. The words “dick in your face” were never sang so poetically. Nicki Minaj exclaims that in the low budget video release of “Come On A Cone” produced by Grizzly Music. This video comes just days after she released “The Boys” video, which seemed to have a budget. “Come On A Cone” is from Minaj’s […]

Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Quitting American Idol As Well

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: GettyImages.com

In a move everyone saw coming, Jennifer Lopez announced this morning she is leaving American Idol. This comes less than 24 hours after Steven Tyler announced he was leaving the show. The announcement was made on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, the only person still in American Idol’s employee. J.Lo remarked “We had an amazing run.” […]