Mariah Carey Fires Randy Jackson After Crazy “Idol” Season

Mariah Carey & Randy Jackson Photo: Billboard.com

Mariah Carey has fired Randy Jackson as her manager as her and Randy will not be coming back to "American Idol" next season. Neither will Nicki Minaj or Keith Urban as well.

We are sure this season of American Idol did not help Randy retain his management services of Mariah, but she is blaming "hectic" schedules for the release of Randy.

Mariah already has new management, Red Light Management, who also manages Radiohead, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw.-DocFB

Diagnosis: She will always be his baby....


Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj Releases Low-Budget Video For “Come On A Cone”

Ahh. The words "dick in your face" were never sang so poetically. Nicki Minaj exclaims that in the low budget video release of "Come On A Cone" produced by Grizzly Music.

This video comes just days after she released "The Boys" video, which seemed to have a budget.

"Come On A Cone" is from Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up" which is due in November.

The video features Minaj and her crew on several different stages, even showing her sitting next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Even Randy Jackson makes a cameo on the video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do you even have to ask if Mariah Carey is in the video?


Your Next American Idol Judges…..Adam Lambert, Pink, & Justin Timberlake???

Justin Timberlake & Adam Lambert.  Photo:  People.com

American Idol is trouble. Big time. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have just quit the show. Randy Jackson appears to be leaving the show as well. There are only 3 people who can save Idol now, and the producers need to make it happen. Who are the next American Idol...judges?

The next judges need to be Adam Lambert, Pink, and Justin Timberlake. Anyone else and the show is going to fail. You are going to want reasons aren't you?

Adam Lambert. Let's be real. The show hasn't mattered since his loss to Kris Alan a few years ago. He wasn't good enough then to be the American Idol but he is needed now to save the show. He is coming off a number 1 U.S. album with "Trespassing" and a monumental run of dates overseas with Queen. Although "Trespassing" did debut at number 1, and there is other solid material on the album, it would be in Adam's best interest to take the Idol job.... There are no set tour plans and although some people may see this as a step back for Adam, you have to look at what it did for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith this summer to see this would be ideal for Adam and the Lamberts. Adam has been there. His advice to contestants would be invaluable.

Pink. Pink just dropped a new single and has set plans for a new album later this year. She still has a new baby at home. She would be the edge for the show. The female Simon Cowell who will tell you the truth and be short and to the point. Although she has a new album coming out, the show could work for her the way that it worked for Jennifer Lopez...and more...because unlike Jennifer Lopez, Pink is still relevant musically. She could perform on the show, premiere new videos on the show, and get the exposure all without having to leave her baby and her husband too far.

Justin Timberlake. You all remember he used to make music, right? Before he was trying to sex up Mila Kunas, he was bragging how he was going to bring "Sexyback" on "Future/Sex/Love/Sound" earlier this century. That album was filled with great material...the awful "Sexyback" aside. Either Justin has lost love for music or those movie paychecks are just too big. This could be what inspires him musically and at the same time, scope out talent for his own record label. That would have to be the provision in the contract that Justin is able to sign two artists that do not make the top 8 and 2 that do not make the top 16, giving him 4 artists that he could sign. Justin would bring a unique style to the show and at the same time, be giving Britney Spears a run for her money on X-Factor.

Think about it. This works and saves Idol at the same time. If they actually make this happen...I may watch an episode this season.

What do you think? Should Adam Lambert, Pink, and Justin Timberlake be your next American Idol judges?

Who do U want?-DocFB


Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Quitting American Idol As Well

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: GettyImages.com

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: GettyImages.com

In a move everyone saw coming, Jennifer Lopez announced this morning she is leaving American Idol. This comes less than 24 hours after Steven Tyler announced he was leaving the show.

The announcement was made on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, the only person still in American Idol's employee.

J.Lo remarked "We had an amazing run."

As we announced on Twitter yesterday, it is more than likely that Randy Jackson will not be coming back as a judge either.

This show is sinking.....fast! Let's be real; this show hasn't mattered since they chose Kris Allen over Adam Lambert.-DocFB


Video Premiere: “Blame Game” Kanye West & John Legend Performance (Uncensored)


Kanye West sweats it up in his rap with John Legend laying down the vocals and chorus for "Blame Game" clip that is being used for Kanye & Jay Z's "G.O.O.D. Music" presented by Vevo.

John Legend is on point...although it is still weird him using the bitch word.  Kanye's vocals singing the chorus is not as bad as you would think.  Oh wait. He keeps going.  Nope.  Not good.  Should have kept it short.

I can hear "That was rather pitchy, dog" being said by Randy Jackson somewhere right now. Stick to rapping.

Check out the live performance clip of "Blame Game" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Only Kanye To Blame For Bad Vocals


What Are Your Thoughts On New American Idol?

Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com
Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com

Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com

So the "new" American Idol debuted last night.

What did you think of the new judges?  Did Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez impress?  Did they jell with Randy Jackson?

Do you miss Simon?  Let us know!-Dr.FB


…And Your American Idol Judges Are…..

Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com
Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com

Tyler, Jackson, & J. Lo. Photo: Backseatcuddler.com

So the announcement everyone knew was made today as it was announced that Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson will be the American Idol judges for at least this season. 

What do you think of this announcement?  Will you watch American Idol when it returns next year?-Dr.FB