Hollywood Week, Round One

Rose Flack Courtesy americanidol.com

Rose Flack Courtesy americanidol.com

Auditions are done, and now we are into Hollywood week. The hardest, most intense time for the contestants. And right off the bat, it starts out with drama. At the end of the week, we will have our top 24, but until then, we have to get through the first round.

Now, I know it’s super early, and I don’t even know who is making it through to tomorrow, but I’m calling it. Rose Flack and Danny Gokey will make it to the top 24. Granted, they don’t show you all the performers that make it through, but those two are my all time favorites from what I’ve seen.

It was a good first round, and one hundred and four people make it into round two. All that stuff is nice, however, tomorrow they start group day, and anyone that has watched Idol in the past knows this is when it starts to get really juicy. This is also when I start to really have fun.

See you tomorrow

The Reverend Statik



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