It’s Group day, and I’m smiling.


Danny Gokey courtesy

Danny Gokey courtesy

So now we are deep into round two.  This is my favorite, because this is when everybody falls apart and you really get to see what they are made of. I have to say, group day is standing up to its reputation from the very beginning and the drama is flowing at an awe inspiring rate.

I gotta tell you, this When the groups were on, they were so on, it hurt.  But when they were not good, they were miserable to watch. Unfortunately, I have mix emotions. Yesterday, I made a prediction about seeing two people n the top 24. I guess I was too early in my predictions. Danny did make it through, and hs group was one of, if not the best group they showed. I mean, they were just phenomenal. However, Roses’ group was unbearably bad to watch. I wish I could blame it all on Bikini Girl, but unfortunately, she was just off her game today. She is however only in high school, so she has a long way to go. I hope we see her next year.

Without fail, Group day ends with a major bang and someone walking away looking like a total bitch. Have I mentioned how much I love group day? Makes me giggle like a little girl to see how these people act. Tonight, I giggled a lot. Next week, we get into the final rounds of Hollywood Week, and eventually, we will see who makes it to the big show.

I’m gonna go and giggle a bit more.

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