The Good, The Not as Good, and The Final Round.

The Ladies of Idol; courtesy of

The Ladies of Idol; courtesy of

Round three of Hollywood Week is tonight, and this is the best n the fact that the contestants get to strut their stuff. It’s usually pretty quick too, because they come out, they perform, and they leave.  No notes or comments from the judges. They do their thing and then they have one of the longest waits of their lives. After they sing, the judges will deliberate and choose who they want. Then, they seperate them into 4 groups and they do their last mass cuts.

In the end, out of the 72 going into the third round, 54 made it through to the final decision. My boy Danny is still in, unfortunately, so is Tatianna. I’m letting it go in hopes she gets cut tomorrow.

Until then…

The Reverend Statik



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