US Magazine & NME Talk Prince Oscar Party

According to reports from Us Magazine & NME, Prince is planning to throw and Oscar party and not only that, but film it.

Prince appeared to be in rehearsals when he heard that he was to be throwing the Oscar bash of the century. 

Marion Cotillard, last year's Oscar winner hit him up and wanted to RSVP for the event, or as US weekly called it. "Purple Party".

Not only that, but it appears the party will be filmed for his website; www.lotusflow3r.com.

No info on that but maybe there is another "Purple Ticket" contest to his house as on the site, there is a ticket on the ground with the date. Feb. 22nd on it.  You might want to enter your info for it and maybe you can say you partied with Prince.-Dr.FB

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  1. Me, me, me, I wanna go 2!!!!!

  2. Oohww I want to see :)

  3. Me three!!!!!

  4. Man I would SO love to go to that party.

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