Prince To Appear On Tonight Show 3 Nights In A Row!



The one and only PRINCE will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 3 STRAIGHT nights. 

It will be March 25th, 26th, and 27th.

We also received this note from a no-name reporter:

Purpleheadz, r u listening?
Prince will b per4ming an unprecedented 3 nites in a row on The Tonight Show March 25, 26 and 27. B part of audience history when Leno's studio gets a purplemusic makeover!  R u ready?
I had a feeling this might be part of the fun stuff starting March 24th and put in a call to the Tonight Show.  Hopefully, we can have some tickets to give away.  Will let you know.-Dr.FB
Media outlet's picking up on story: Laist.com
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  1. “U don’t understand
    I don’t do this nightly
    But if I did it once
    U’d want me 2 (or 3!) more than likely!”

  2. Here’s hoping he plays the outdoor stage – then more of us can squeeze into the purple party!

  3. Great news!!! Thanks

  4. this is gonna be so awesome, thx 4 the update Dr!

  5. Oh Dr. FB, do prescribe me with some delicious purple tickets if u can! I want to go so bad. I’m a young fan (rookie status) that hasn’t seem him perform live yet! It’ll be so awesome. Man, I will have to miss school to get a chance 2 see this man. Thanx for always letting us know first.

  6. Thanks for that prescription Doc!
    You so know what to prescribe to true funk soldiers
    who want to take time to PARTY Over Here in
    New Jersey!

  7. Good news

  8. oooooooooh, I want to go!

  9. Man I can’t wait for this to happen! Prince is gonna turn The Tonight Show OUT!!!!! Knock the world out with that FUNK!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks for delivering the news first Doc. Hmm, wonder if P will play the indoor or outdoor stage? Can’t wait to get my purple groove on.

  11. This is great news! Thanks Dr. F!

  12. who cant wait thanks dr funk you always have the scoop first

  13. H. E. double hockey sticks yea!!

    I am siked. Just wish he would come to Detroit already!

  14. Wouldn’t miss this 4 the world………

  15. Since he hasn’t ventured ot of LA, he needs to convince me I should forgive him for that.
    I want to see him giving everything he’s got on this show.
    He’s got to get down with his lotusyfunk and give his guitar a jolly good beasting.

  16. Yes, I’m ready!

  17. I hate to sound greedy and all but……why could this all not have happened when I WAS THERE just LAST MONTH!Darn planning & such!
    :( Boo-Hoo I think I’m gonna cry.

  18. Aaaww Nice… Fun stuff for his buddy Jay. Wish I could go. Thanks for the info Dr. FB.

  19. I am so happy, just wish I could be there… why do I have to live in Michigan?

  20. I really wanna see this. I wonder if it’ll be like the old school days where we had to wait in line all night to get our tickets.

  21. TRULY AWESOME!! Good luck with getting tix 4 these per4mances, this is gonna b FUN 3 times in a row! :-)

  22. That is awesome. I would love to be there. Please keep us posted on tix!

  23. Awesome!!!…Would LOVE 2 go!!! Thx DR.FUNKENBERRY

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