PRINCE’s New Web Site LOTUSFLOW3R.com, Will Debut On March 24!

Lotusflow3r File Photo

Lotusflow3r File Photo

Prince's new online venture, LOtUSFLOW3R.com, will debut on March 24. The site will offer digital downloads of the three new albums previously announced with a March 29 street date, in CD format, at Target stores. Two sources in Prince's camp also have confirmed that the rumored price of $77 for one year's subscription to the site has been formally settled upon. The picture above is an exclusive screengrab provided to us by Prince's web developer, Scott Addison Clay, who recently gave me an advance tour of the Web site. That main image, derived from the website design of the same name, will be the user's portal into the online "world" of that album, complete with lyrics, artwork and new photos, in addition to the tunes. Two other "worlds," one for each of the other two Princely releases, also exist on an animated 3-D plane, in an arrangement that Clay compares to the popular game Myst. The album "MPLSoUND," as previously reported, is Prince's electronic counterpart to the guitar-heavy "LOtUSFLOW3R," while "Elixer" is the debut offering from Prince's latest protege, Bria Valente. Check out the covers for "MPLSoUND" and "Elixer".

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  1. Do we have to pay the $77 fee just to get access/purchase the LotusFlow3r CD’s or can I just buy the CD’s without joining the bisexual website? I live in Canada and unfortunately there are no Target stores here. Unless I get to see Bria Valente’s Lotusflower in various positions, there is no way I’m paying $77 to access that site.

  2. thanks for your help!

  3. Wow! thanks for that info!

  4. Love the way you keep us up on the latest news ! Thanks ! Will be in LA for the cd release/Leno shows and can’t wait (but guess I have to …) !

  5. great update ! can`t wait!! hope to be able to order it online- no target stores in Chile..better yet..why don`t you use your connections with the Purple one Dr. F and tell Prince to come to Chile to personally launch it in S. America??

  6. …getting excited abount seeing all those things move around, Princeland on a screen!

  7. It’s all happening much sooner than I expected! woo hoo
    Can’t wait!

  8. Nothing Like Prince news…..

  9. I love the colors and the discojellyfish hihi. All is nice ;)

  10. Man, this cover is so ugly, it looks like a video game or something, Prince should have much better artwork than that. It’s a shame. Anyway, I guess some things will never change…

    Good to learn the web site is finally about to open, but how these albums are going to be distributed outside the US ? Is Prince going to deal with a record company to distribute the 3 albums ?

  11. thanks for keeping us on top of things doc. can’t wait till March 24th

  12. This is gr8 newz :-) March 24th is my birthday. Awesome!

  13. great news thanks doc

  14. Some gr8 news heading in2 the weekend, thanx Dr. FB

  15. That’s the news I needed 2 start my weekend with a smile! Very cool ;)

  16. Now THAT is what I call N.E.W.S.!!!!!! Thanks for filling my prescription Doc!!!!! Taking the wife to Palm Springs on 4/3 so we’ll have some SLAMMIN roadtrip music!!!

  17. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Dr FB. All Ur hard work is truly appreciated!!

  18. Cool ;)

  19. I needed to hear some good news today. Bring it Prince.

  20. Also, i’m in the UK. How am I supposed to buy the CD?
    That’s the $77 question.

  21. I’m a bit cheesed off with the sub fee. I’m gonna hang it out for the reviews to find out whatcha get for that.. it looks impressive tho and very pretty.

  22. One word Wow!

  23. Man this is EXCITING! I can’t wait for March 24th cause it’s gonna be on and poppin up in here! Prince is coming back with a vengenence!!!!!!

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