Prince Strikes Distribution Deal For “Dance” Remixes

Prince Photo: Alberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive
Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

What started off as a rumor I was emailed about regarding Prince signing a 3 album record deal turned out to be false.

However, an interesting distribution deal is happening.  For those wishing for new Prince music though, you might be disappointed.


Review: Bria Valente’s Elixer

Bria Valente Promo Shot File Photo.  Photo: Prince
Bria Valente Promo Shot File Photo.  Photo: Prince

Bria Valente Promo Shot File Photo. Photo: Prince

Another new Prince project brings another Prince protege. This time, you are getting Bria Valente's Elixer whether you want it or not. So let's dive right in shall we?


Video: Clip Of Bria Valente From Access Hollywood


First, let us say that this is Prince's protegee, not prodigee, that brought out the lol's and I don't think she is an indian singer Billy Bush but whateves.

Here is a clip from Access Hollywood sent in by CB of Bria Valente, an artist you first heard about here last April with the track "Home".

Unless you have been living under one of those rocks on Prince's soon to be opened site Lotusflow3r.com, you know that Bria's CD will be packaged with Prince's 2 CD's due for release at Target March 29th or at the web site we previously mentioned March 24th.


P.S., it's a youtube link so who knows how long it will be up, you know?  ;)


PRINCE’s New Web Site LOTUSFLOW3R.com, Will Debut On March 24!

Lotusflow3r File Photo

Lotusflow3r File Photo

Prince's new online venture, LOtUSFLOW3R.com, will debut on March 24. The site will offer digital downloads of the three new albums previously announced with a March 29 street date, in CD format, at Target stores. Two sources in Prince's camp also have confirmed that the rumored price of $77 for one year's subscription to the site has been formally settled upon. The picture above is an exclusive screengrab provided to us by Prince's web developer, Scott Addison Clay, who recently gave me an advance tour of the Web site. That main image, derived from the website design of the same name, will be the user's portal into the online "world" of that album, complete with lyrics, artwork and new photos, in addition to the tunes. Two other "worlds," one for each of the other two Princely releases, also exist on an animated 3-D plane, in an arrangement that Clay compares to the popular game Myst. The album "MPLSoUND," as previously reported, is Prince's electronic counterpart to the guitar-heavy "LOtUSFLOW3R," while "Elixer" is the debut offering from Prince's latest protege, Bria Valente. Check out the covers for "MPLSoUND" and "Elixer".

Log onto http://blog.newsweek.com/ for the complete story :)


More Info on Prince’s Oscar Party; Bria Video

So we are hearing from different sources that Prince's Oscar party may not be at his house, but at a smallclub in L.A.

Here is the catch; as of right now and this CAN change, if fans can figure out where the event is , they will be able to get in for FREE. 

Again, this can change but it is what we are hearing right now. Don't shoot the messenger!!!! Just trying to help you guys out as usual.

 Several media outlets have been contacted and PR firms, so the info is getting leaked heavily that Rogers & Cowan has been contacted to throw the event.

Also on a related side note, we hear that Bria Valente shot a video for her upcoming CD "Elixer" produced by Prince.  We do not know the song title as of yet, but it was a beautiful day in Malibu so hopefully the video will reflect that.-Dr.FB