Reminder: Prince’s Lotusflow3r Now Available



Just wanted to send a reminder that Prince's latest CD, Lotusflow3r along with MPLSound & Elixer is now available at Target for $11.98 for all 3 CD's or you can join his official web site at Lotusflow3r.com-Dr.FB

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  1. I bought 3 (1 4me, 1 4my sis & 1 4 mybest friend) can’t stop listening to it. Love it and loved the interview w/Tavis also. It was awesome.

  2. Prince pimping the Dr.F site too, huh…? Daddy, I love the way you make others do your work for you.

    So sexy, LOL.

    Spiritual LOIVER

  3. Got it and LOVE all three CD’s cant stop listening…

  4. I think this album just might be “two” of the best he’s done in quite a while! The last two didn’t do much for me…as I only 2-3 tracks max grabbed my attention. But Lotusflow3r and MPLSound — i can’t stop listening to them! I pray he does a tour and I hope the set list is DRIPPING with tracks from both of these CDs…and maybe even sprinkled with a few rarities just like we heard at Conga Room & Club Nokia. THAT would be heavenly bliss!

  5. Hubby getting me my cds 2morrow… cant wait :-)

  6. Got my Cds yesterday–they’re excellent–thanks for all the good news FB.

  7. Got the downloads from http://www.LotusFlow3r.com and from Target. Great albums.

  8. Got it! :-)

  9. On my way to Target tonight for just this reason! Can’t wait!

  10. Yep.. am waiting for mine to arrive.

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