Eminem’s New CD Has Leaked!

Eminem / Universal Music Group
Eminem / Universal Music Group

Eminem / Universal Music Group

Eminem's "Relapse" has leaked.  Not gonna bother looking for it.  For anyone who actually has, was it even worth it?-Dr.FB

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  1. Yes he has this annoying accent now which sounds just like arabs, if it was one or another song it would be fun, but now its pratically on the entire album. It was fun on Ass Like That 5 years ago. Enough now!

  2. ^^ ‘middle eastern accent’ !!???? He’s trying to sound like an arab?

  3. was over him since his first single.

  4. I love the disc! But let me say this, if EM wants to get back to the top, he needs to let eminem and marshall rap a lil more on relapse 2, and I agree; droip that goddamn middle eastern accent! Insane is oner of the best trax on the disc.

  5. he has that accent in all but 2 of his songs…. its ok @ 1st but then it gets annoying… I’m waiting for Eminem or Marshall Mathers to start rapping but its all Slim Shady…

  6. im a big emenem hater but its actuly not as bad as i thought it would be

  7. its meh… nothing special

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