Michael Jackson’s o2 Residency To Be Cancelled?

Michael Jackson  File Photo
Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates.  File Photo

Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates. File Photo

Is Michael Jackson's residency at the O2 Arena finished before it starts?  If a manager/concert promoter  from New Jersey has his way, it will be.

Allgood Entertainment (AGE, not AEG or AIG) say they have a signed contract that Michael's long time manager Frank Delio signed back in December 2008 of a Jackson 5 Reunion concert.  Now, although Michael never signed the contract himself, Delio was acting for Michael and the contract is legally binding.  AGE is wanting ALL the O2 shows cancelled. 

AEG's (Not AGE or AIG) Randy Phillips has yet to respond but rumors are reporting that all plans for the O2 shows have been halted.  AEG bailed Mr. Jackson (Kinda like the AIG bailout) out of some serious debt issues before the O2 gigs were booked and are even rumored to be the ones who forked over the money to stop Michael's belongings to be auctioned off earlier this year.

AEG put all their eggs in one basket here.  With that being said, expect AEG to pull an AIG and bail Michael out of this one.  Too much money is to be lost to cancel those gigs.  Expect an agreement between AGE and AEG with AIG asking for some M O N E Y.-Dr.FB

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  1. Holy Smokes mate you have some strange error codes on your blog that says parse error unexpected T String in line 17

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  3. Michal Jackson was one of a kind, I know what he falt when he needed for his family to be A FAMILY THAT WAY WAS NOT GOD WAY TO BE A FAMILY ,LONE’LINESS IS A BAD UGLY FEELING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME MICHAEL JACKSON WILL LIVE FOREVER GOD

  4. Michael Joseph Jackson has flown away from this planet to a divine NeverLand,,,where butterflies are flying along with heavenly angels.
    He will no longer cry, nor be alone, and will eternally be a child.
    As I want to be there,,,,where he is.
    Mozart was not appreciated while he lived, but his legacy lived and will always live…
    As for Michael /THIS IS IT… far better than O2 arena concerts.. Heaven & Earth will celebrate your Legacy for infinity!!!
    So long Michael, the great mentor of music & humanity.
    You are utterly missed by your fans and by us true artists with humble soul.
    Love & Respect
    Linda George.

  5. I think that the O2 concert show must go on instead turn it into tribute to the King of Pop. Fans would wanted it anyway to get together. Invite guest celebrities (All The Jacksons) and others in the industry and part of the profit goes to the children of Africa. i don’t people who already bought tickets would feel betrayed. I think it would be a good healing for them as well as closure for Michael. As always Kings are always misunderstood while living. Adored thereafter.


  6. I already guessed that even if the concerts DO go ahead MJ fans wil be as disappointed as Prince fans have been over his lotus website.
    It’s all very predictable this thing’s going to be a disaster.

  7. Watch out…what more will happen to that project.

  8. I guess that what u get 4 being a copy cat…Nice pic though…lol

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