Adam Lambert Will Be The Next American Idol

Am I wrong?-Dr.FB

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  1. I hope Adam wins. He’s the most original contestant that show’s ever had. He deserves to win. Sadly, I won’t be shocked if Kris wins knowing how America is but I hope things work out for Adam.

  2. LF607….they should have rejected that last one last night as well…i’m sure she was slick and had them write it into her contract but…they should do that earlier in the competition not unleash that horrid madness on the world during the finale….

  3. LOL.. Dreamer I have to agree with you 100%. BTW, it seems that Cara submitted winner’s songs in the past (3 I think) and all were rejected.

  4. I love Adam but last night was real close they are both deserving of the title. Adam has way more range and is more versatile than Kris……I voted for Adam and it was quite difficult to get in. But we will see…..I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris won…..some people are judging adam on the fact that he’s gay rather than looking at his talent.

    BTW…that last song co=written by dijouardi or however you spell her name was horrible….horrible….horrible…….neither adam or kris imprssed me with that song and it wasn’t their singing..it was the song…whoever allowed that to happen should be slapped….

  5. Lambert is GARBAGE!! If it were a screamo contest, he should win, but its NOT! Kris and Danny should be in the final but since danny is gone, Kris should win, pure talent over screaming any day!

  6. Chill with the multiple names please.

    Just because someone does not agree with you, does not mean they should be called that.

    Just express why Adam should win instead. Makes a better argument.

    Awaiting my turn to be called out next…:)

  7. ^ Adam Lover mentality LOL…we’ll see a year down the line EXACTlY how well he’s doing…

  8. Adam haters – GO AWAY. Mouthbreathers hate Adam and why? No valid reasons to think the guy shouldn’t win. He is talented and a SUPERSTAR.


  9. ADAM all the way. How can you not see that??? Unbelievable.

  10. I REALLY hope he doesn’t win, but think it’s an obvious done deal. This bloke is SO overrated.
    The guys got a good voice but that is it!
    He’s only, what, 20yrs old & already looks like he’s had plastic surgery.
    He’s been given an image which he can’t carry off, he’s totally stage school/ high school musical & comes off as a genuine drag act.
    I hope America does the right thing & votes for Kris Allen who is clearly the real deal.
    He oozes cuteness & sex appeal. He owns the stage without trying too hard.
    The Best of Luck to you Kris!
    If I could vote from thr UK – I would!

  11. I hope Adam wins. He is clearly the best contestant and has a promising future ahead of him. His voice is amazing and he is a fantastic performer!

  12. Have not had the opportunity to see the showdown, but IMO, Adam will be the winner. Great showmanship, incredible voice, and just fun to watch. Reminds me of the 80s when music was fun. Kris is great, no doubt, but there are plenty of him out there. A.L. will be the next A.I.

  13. It’s American Idol, and Kris should win, he is an American Idol. Adam is way to theatrical and over the top, and all his songs sound the same, he’s a one note wonder with alot of facial expression. Adam’s second song sucked, he looked like he was going to cry and he should have it was terrible. Kris is so refreshing, he’s the boy next door with many great talents. Kris deserves to win hands down.

  14. I hope you are not wrong at all. I voted 56 times for him last night.
    He’s very fun to watch and he is an amazing singer. I think the top 4 idol contestants will be ok, no mattter what. And yes, that single Adam sang, not so great…the song, his singing of it was fine.

  15. Adam WILL win. If he doesn’t I will be very surprised and upset

  16. I Hope Not… If the winner has to release the career-ending single both contestants sang last night, then please, let Kris win. No offense to Kris Allen, but (IMHO) at this stage Adam is better off if he loses.

  17. if adam loses tonight i’ll be very surprised.

    kris sang one good song that saved him, while adam has been consistently awesome.

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