Prince And Bria Valente Spotted In Paris

Prince And Bria In Paris File Photo
Prince And Bria In Paris File Photo

Prince And Bria In Paris. Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

Prince Paris File Photo

Prince In Paris Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

As we reported last week, His Royal Purpleness and Bria where spotted out and about in Paris.

Hair did, but of course.

Custom Lotus Tee, oh yeah.

Smooth shades, for sure.

The man never skips a beat.  Oh so Hot!

Let's not forget Bria,  gorgeous as always. 🙂

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  1. This new “supposed” girlfriend has been a rumor for months now. Maybe this new girlfriend is online and upset she is not in the public eye and not validated by Prince himself. Here is a clue, if you are his woman you will be seen on his arm and he will make sure everyone knows. If he is keeping you behind closed doors, you are a plaything on the side. I heard he has more than one of those. Im sure all of them are a little antsy waiting for him to make up his mind LOL. However these rumors are not facts and the only person that knows is Prince who is a Jehovah Witness.

  2. ^Hi Bria, Lol. Prince is in LA right now with his new girlfriend. You have a lot of time on your hands since you got back from vacation huh? LMAO

  3. Prince and Bria look like they were making the rounds. Chocolate shops, dress shops, Lenny Kravits, Fashion week. Hey, Paris is the city for lovers …… Nice to see him with a special date after two divorces. I agree with warm weather, BV is a world class exotic beauty, Prince doesnt do it any other way. I am anxiously awaiting anothe Prince album after the gem Lotus Flow3r. Hey Doc! Any news on that yet? It’s 2010 baby!

  4. She looks white to me and everyone else I know and the plastic is in her boobs honey. The girl is FAR from a world class beauty. Shes aight, nothing great and I dont understand what the hell Prince is doing with her.

  5. Wilki says Bria Valente is Bolivian, not white and def not plastic looking. Prince will date whomever he likes and there are no color requirements. All of his serious relationships are with world class exotic beauties. Prince has Impeccable taste and is having fun. Negative comments are not necessary.

  6. what about us sista’s? i’m tired of himm dating these plastic lokkin white women. he’s got some bodacious sistas that sing back up in his bands. there are alot of beautiful, independent sista’s out here that are holdin it down and wouldn’t want him for just his money. where the sista on your arm at PRINCE!!!!

  7. Thanks for the pics and updates n stuff 🙂 I’m really diggin that shirt he’s been rockin. So I hope a retail section is eventually added to lotusflow3r.com so maaaybe we can get something like it 🙂 OK… next: Leno. I’m ready!

  8. Is that what r t -shirts going 2 look like?

  9. Did he walk out of the door FIRST on the 1st pic?! LOL! Gotta love me some him!! 🙂

  10. Dude looks old and sickly. Time to eat raw meat and I’m not talking about Bria’s tired old plastic ass.LOL

    Sorry but it seems like Prince has lost his mojo. These two look like Beauty and the Beast and its Prince thats the Beauty.

    In my world, Bria is okay, but in a celebrity world where he can feast from all the fish in the sea? He settles for farmed Santa Monica polluted ocean tuna? Looks like the old age is getting to him.

    No more P in the PIMP its now just IMP. Not the way I imagined him going!

  11. I believed all the time Bria was Prince’s special date at the Cannes Film Fest. Prince said on the Tavis Smiley Show that Bria was very dear to him….I believe that and some:)

  12. thx, dr. f. Prince and Bria look gr8 2gether. Clearly there is mutal adoration between the 2….sweetness

  13. Nice hair, shame about the bird.

  14. Looks like P was buying a Box of Chocolates! 🙂

    Nice pics – thanks for the scoop Dr. F

  15. Prince and Bria looking hot as usual but I gotta keep it real here, Prince needs to gain about 10 lbs. He’s skinny but he needs just a little bit more meat on them bones. In any event, Prince is still rockin it out!

    Oh and he needs to do more promotion for Lotusflow3r outside of Jay Leno next week. Ok I’m done LOL!

  16. Prince = Cool

  17. He should shave some lightening bolts on the side of his head…or a lotus flower.


  19. Sexy

  20. THX FOR SHARING DOC! I cant wait for the lotus tee 2 arrive!!!

  21. Prince looking mighty fine as always 🙂 Paris suits him 😉

    ps. I WANT that shirt

  22. Hotness as usual, yes for both Miss Bria and Prince…but it kind of looks like he lost a fight with the hair trimmer.

    “Uh Prince? You need a new hairline. Let’s just cut this back a bit….Ooops!! Uh oh!!!”
    Who told him THAT looked good?

  23. sweet….

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