Katy Perry Addicted To Twitter; Nervous Meeting Madonna

Katy Perry's Black & White Number.  Photo: Esquire.com

Katy Perry's Black & White Number. Photo: Esquire.com

Katty Perry is a Twitter addict although she doesn’t post half as much as P. Diddy.  It seems she twittered about a great Mexican restaurant she was at or going to and a group of people showed up. 

She recently talked about how when she met Madonna, she was too nervous to say anything but “thank you” to her.  She couldn’t muster anything else.  I can feel Katy on this one.  When I finally met Mariah Carey I was like I am gonna be cool I am gonna be cool and she said hello to me and I just said “Hi, how are you?” with the biggest Kool-Aid smile grin and I think I scared her with my come hither look.   Hope I get to make that up sometime soon.

Regardless, it’s nice to know Katy has those moments too.-Dr.FB

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