Brian Austin Green Lands Back On Feet In Smallville

Brian Austin Green . Photo: Bauergriffen.com
Brian Austin Green . Photo: Bauergriffen.com

Brian Austin Green . Photo: Bauergriffen.com

How do you recover from one show being cancelled, Terminator, and one of the hottest woman on the planet,  Megan Fox, breaking up with you?  1st, you get a new job.

Brian Austin Green will be in the upcoming season of Smallville playing villian Metallo. BAG will make it at least for the first two episodes.  We wonder who he will be dating by then.-Dr.FB

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  1. i always like Superman and of course the TV Series Smallville, Lana Lang is very pretty too ~.:

  2. I do like Smallville specially Lana Lang and Clark Kent , lana lang is so beautiful `

  3. you can just say that Kristin Kreuk is the prettiest girl on Smallville.-:

  4. what i like about Smallville is the romance between Clark Kent and Lana Lang`’~

  5. Lana Lang is very beautiful in SmallVille she is really an angel.”.’

  6. I am an addict of Smallville and i watch every series and season of it. I love Lana Lang and Clark Kent..:;

  7. Do you know where i can find more information on the cast of Smallville, have been looking and have not found much online.

  8. That was an awesome post on Smallville Shows. Smallville Shows is one of my favorite shows. What do you think will happen next on Smallville Shows?

  9. Anything on friday nights is one step away from cancellation and yes, it was one of the first shows axed by fox.

  10. I like Smallville :)

  11. Ugh, Terminator was CANCELLED?!?! I really liked that show. :(

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