Prince Will Be Performing 2 Shows At The Montreux Jazz Festival

Prince wireimage.com
Prince wireimage.com

Prince Performing Earlier This Year. Photo: WireImage.com

The Montreux Jazz Festival is going to be a little bit more funky this year as a musical genius is planning on taking the stage not once, but twice.

The one and only Prince WILL be performing 2 shows at Montreux this year and he is  bringing a musically talented band with him. Playing with Prince at the legendary festival will be Rhonda Smith, Renato Neto, and John Blackwell.

In his 31 years in music, Prince has won every award imaginable from a Grammy to an Oscar to one of the youngest inductees ever into the Rock & Roll  Hall Of Fame. He performed at the 2007 Super Bowl in the rain no less and still gave off the performance of a lifetime.

In 2007, Prince gave a legendary performance at The Montreux Jazz Festival where tickets sold out in record time. So when ticket information and tickets become available this time, make sure to reserve your spot if you plan to attend.-Dr.FB

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  1. Prince has been awfully quiet about Michael Jackson’s death.?? Does his spirituality prevents him from any tribute to MJ?? He has not said anything to anyone/media (I know that he is a very private person) I would have thought since they are from the same era of music that he would have at least pay homage (public)to MJ to day the memerial service what gives??? Maybe he is doing his onw respects/grieveing in his own way!! I bet MJ would have paid a homeage to him if it was him????????

    Very curious!!!

  2. Good for him, when is gonna make it up to the 56,000 from all over europe he disappointed when he didn’t turn up for the gig in Ireland at a week’s notice, pure arrogance

  3. We can only dream of seeing the purple wonder down under, if you thik you have far to travel think again – just as a point of difficulty we have to order lotusflow3r from the USA it is not available locally but well worth the wait and exchange hassles because the mans a bloody musical genius oh to be in Switzerland but probably more probably i will try and chase up the DVD when it is up for sale on the internet. Switzerland enjoy the live experience!

  4. Guys, I have 2 extra tickets for the Show #1 @7pm in Montreux. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Come to live the experience in Swiss!

  5. 4ever youngS


    WNPG, we have an appointment 18/july/2.009

    Best Regards to all my World Friends…


  6. La noticias ya es oficial en la web del festival


    Amigos nos vemos en MontreuX.


  7. Yeah It’s ridiculous that lotusflow$r.com doesn’t publish this kinda news. What a waste of money to join there.

  8. Glad we heard the news from lotusflow3r.com first… 🙁

  9. i know it will be great i wonder if he will put it up on lotusflow3r?

  10. Very exciting news! I hope he KILLS it when he hits the stage this month

  11. Wish I could make it to Montreux….
    As for Prince and MJ….Sometimes the best response is no response….

  12. yeah figures…now that I am back in Cali now he will be out galavanting around the globe!No more love for Cali…my dumb luck! lmao Enjoy Montreux!

  13. Doesn’t he realise Montreux is in the back of beyond and really hard to get to? He could just check into the O2, there’s plenty of space

  14. Thanks doc. 😉

  15. Thanx 4 the GREAT news Doc 🙂

    ..and thanx 2 Prince and his Crew

    Peace and <3

  16. By the way that band combination is hot… Wish I can attend

  17. I’m waiting on Prince reaction 2 MJ death. But as long as I been a fan of his. I know he never does what is expected…….

  18. I wish I could attend (I’m in the US). Of course, it’s gonna be a great show.

  19. I guess that is great news for the European fans.

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