PRINCE Fallon Update, L.O.L., Montreux 2013 DVD’s(?!?), Spreecast & More!

Prince On Jimmy Fallon  Image Credit: LV

U all knew that PRINCE was going to perform on Jimmy Fallon if U have been on this site and following us on Twitter for the past month.  We now know that PRINCE will be performing 2 songs on the show (1 for the show and the other a bonus song on the web only)....but we do not know which songs he will be doing.

Also, Mariah Carey will be interviewed on the show. It is actually the 4th anniversary of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that night.

Live Out Loud (L.O.L.) debuted on Friday as well and is now for sale on 3rdEyeGirl.com along with a LIVE version of "Bambi" with 3rd Eye Girl, which consists of Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, & Ida Nielsen.  The song was written by Liv Warfield.

On last weeks Spreecast with DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett, we were able to share with you some information on the new tracks "Boyfriend" (Demo) and "That Girl Thang" along with Montreux 2013 DVD info.

Here is a breakdown of that news:

1. "BOYFRIEND" was an outtake for a proposed compilation...This was the 2nd of 4 versions. Hence the demo tag.

2. "THAT GIRL THANG" was written, recorded and released all on the same day. (Feb. 17th)


Here is hoping that a Montreux deal can be reached!

We also were able to break the news of PRINCE playing the Stockholm Music & Arts Festival on August 4th..

We will be having another Spreecast this Wed. night which you can watch LIVE right HERE and access afterwards at any time.   What will happen or break during the show?  Will we have special guests this week?  Tune in and find out!

To watch last week's Spreecast, click on the continue reading button below.-DocFB

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PRINCE Returns To Montreux Jazz Festival For 3 Shows!

PRINCE Photo: NPG Records 2013

During our weekly PRINCE Spreecast, we told you to look for an announcement of Prince playing a Jazz Festival soon. Montreux confirmed the news that PRINCE will be playing 3 shows at the Jazz Festival this year!

Here is the official announcement:

After his two previous appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2007 and 2009, Prince is back to give three exceptional concerts on 13, 14 and 15 July 2013.

This musical genius first came to Montreux in 2007 to perform an exclusive concert, and returned in 2009, giving two shows in the same evening. This year he is back, confirming his fondness for Montreux, to give three exceptional concerts on three consecutive dates: 13, 14 and 15 July 2013, at the Auditorium Stravinski.

Groovy, funky and the undisputed master of improvisation, Prince’s performances are all unique and unpredictable. There is no doubt that his three concerts in Montreux will make Festival history once again.

Auditorium Stravinski

Prince 1st show - Saturday 13 July, 8 pm
Prince 2nd show - Sunday 14 July, 8 pm
Prince 3rd show - Monday 15 July, 8 pm

Tickets on sale from 10 a.m. on Friday 15 February on montreuxjazzfestival.com
CHF 175.- (standing) / CHF 395.- (seat)

We want to thank PRINCE for sharing the news first on the Spreecast as well as a few other news items that we will post later today!

Hopefully, if DrFunkenberry does the write up for Monteux like he did in 2009, Montreux will give the doc his credit.  We are glad PRINCE is returning to the Montreux stage.-DocFB

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Prince Adds Footage From Montreux To His Website

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince has listened to fans request (and mine) and has put up some footage from his Montreux performance on his official web site; LotusFlow3r.com and it is pretty funky.

He added the classic "Little Red Corvette" & the rare gem that only the hardcore know "When I Lay My Hands On You" and you can hear his guitar sing.

BTW, his website is members only and it costs $77 bucks to join.  Hopefully, a DVD of this release is on it's way. Those that can see it, what do you think?-Dr.FB

UPDATE: I just watched the clips and it is hot like soup! "When I lay Hands On You" is fire and that version of "Little Red Corvette" is the reason every Prince tour needs to be seen and released.

He changes instrumentation's up on each of his tours of certain songs, making them different and making sure just because you saw him perform a song in 1984. doesn't mean it will be the same in 2009.

Straight up, Prince is an American World-Wide treasure and needs to be appreciated every day he is here. Love ya man (and ya know 2 clips will only hold me the fans up for so long.) and keep funking things up for another 30.


Prince Funks Up Montreux; Pop Culture

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince performed 2 shows at Montreux over the weekend as we told you first a while ago.  From what we have seen, it was a success.  Would we expect anything less from him?

He did 2 90 minute shows and a few songs twice. Rumor and rumor only has it right now that the songs were done twice for a possible DVD release.  Wait...what happened to that Coachella DVD?  Well, we will see. 

Prince performed classic tracks as well as new ones from his latest 3 CD set.  Heck, for good measure, he even did 2 songs off his protege's CD.

Prince was also all over pop culture this week.  From a mention on "The Colbert Report" on Monday to 2 mentions on ESPN's Espy Awards. Samuel L. Jackson even dressed up as Prince during the award show, circa the Purple Rain era with purple studded jacket and wearing those "I Would Die 4 U" pants.  Mr. Jackson. Whew. Later in the show, Quarterback superstar Peyton Manning pretended to have a conversation with Prince over the phone.

Even the Home Run Derby had a Princely moment with Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby with some music by, you guessed it, Prince playing. Not to mention every tacky sports journalist using a Prince metaphor on that night's news cast.

Prince, the pop culture icon and the Montreux funk man, all in one.-Dr.FB


Prince Releases Bootleg Classic “In A Large Room With No Light”

Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince.  Photo: MontreuxJazz.com
Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince.  Photo: MontreuxJazz.com

Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince. Photo: MontreuxJazz.com

Prince has just given the Montreux Jazz Festival one of his classic unreleased songs, "In A Large Room With No Light" re-recorded of course.

The track was played for the first time live in L.A. at one of his 3 concerts back in March.

Here is the info  from the web site:

Prince gives the exclusive Montreux Jazz Song
New version of "In a Large Room With No Light" by Prince - Exclusive to the homepage of the Montreux Jazz Festival from Thursday 15 www.montreuxjazz.com July.

Montreux, 15 July 2009. On 18 July Prince conquered the stage of the Stravinski Auditorium and agrees to the grand final to beat the 43rd Montreux Jazz Festival. After the surprising announcement of two one-off concerts in one evening follows another coup: Prince took to the Montreux Jazz Festival, a song on that one from 15 July exclusively on the website www.montreuxjazz.com for its entire length and can listen for free. With his jazzy interpretation of the song "In a Large Room With No Light" gives us the wonders of music from Minneapolis - accompanied by the band, with him at the Auditorium Stravinski will occur - a foretaste of his upcoming concerts. "In a Large Room With No Light" is a groovy mix of soul, jazz and funk, whose melodic structure entfesselnden in a guitar solo climax. The anticipation for the musical event of the summer is rising.

For the track, go HERE !!!

Source: http://www.montreuxjazz.com



More Info On Prince & Montreux

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince
Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

We just got word that Prince has rehearsed the 3 players: John Blackwell, Rhonda Smith and Renato Neto for 2 weeks now and taught them new and old material alike as well as a few covers.  Sounds cool.

Prince is using a smaller crew these days to allow space for the audience to properly hear his favorite players right now.

We are being told that Prince will, of course be featured on guitar throughout the concert but mainly this year his goal is to showcase his sometimes overlooked vocal abilities.

Hence the stripped down vibe of this crew. 

As shown on his most recent performance on the Tonight Show, Prince feels he is improving as a vocalist and has taken the time to re-work arrangements to showcase his gift. 

Some tunes will just feature Renato on piano and Prince on vocals.  He is Prince's favorite pianist and as a fan of his work, it's a treat for him just listening to Renato every night without any audible distraction.

Prince has also been listening alot to new jazz star Esperanza Spalding.  He attended her concert in St. Paul, Minnesota recently and she and her impressive band came over to Prince's Paisley Park Studio for a tour and jam session that lasted til sunrise.  Now that's hot!  He loves to play with her and always teases he will join her band one day when he's good enough. Ha! BTW, she is a must see if you ever y'll get the chance.

In addition to Esperanza, Prince is a big fan of  Ana Moura. Her command of an audience is very impressive.  She has a strong voice that radiates sensuality.  Accompanied by 3 musicians when Prince saw her, Ana was a template as well as Esperanza for Prince's new approach to performance.

Awesome news. Let's hope this concert makes it's way to the United States soon!-Dr.FB


Prince Will Be Performing 2 Shows At The Montreux Jazz Festival

Prince wireimage.com
Prince wireimage.com

Prince Performing Earlier This Year. Photo: WireImage.com

The Montreux Jazz Festival is going to be a little bit more funky this year as a musical genius is planning on taking the stage not once, but twice.

The one and only Prince WILL be performing 2 shows at Montreux this year and he is  bringing a musically talented band with him. Playing with Prince at the legendary festival will be Rhonda Smith, Renato Neto, and John Blackwell.

In his 31 years in music, Prince has won every award imaginable from a Grammy to an Oscar to one of the youngest inductees ever into the Rock & Roll  Hall Of Fame. He performed at the 2007 Super Bowl in the rain no less and still gave off the performance of a lifetime.

In 2007, Prince gave a legendary performance at The Montreux Jazz Festival where tickets sold out in record time. So when ticket information and tickets become available this time, make sure to reserve your spot if you plan to attend.-Dr.FB