Prince Funks Up Montreux; Pop Culture

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince performed 2 shows at Montreux over the weekend as we told you first a while ago.  From what we have seen, it was a success.  Would we expect anything less from him?

He did 2 90 minute shows and a few songs twice. Rumor and rumor only has it right now that the songs were done twice for a possible DVD release.  Wait...what happened to that Coachella DVD?  Well, we will see. 

Prince performed classic tracks as well as new ones from his latest 3 CD set.  Heck, for good measure, he even did 2 songs off his protege's CD.

Prince was also all over pop culture this week.  From a mention on "The Colbert Report" on Monday to 2 mentions on ESPN's Espy Awards. Samuel L. Jackson even dressed up as Prince during the award show, circa the Purple Rain era with purple studded jacket and wearing those "I Would Die 4 U" pants.  Mr. Jackson. Whew. Later in the show, Quarterback superstar Peyton Manning pretended to have a conversation with Prince over the phone.

Even the Home Run Derby had a Princely moment with Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby with some music by, you guessed it, Prince playing. Not to mention every tacky sports journalist using a Prince metaphor on that night's news cast.

Prince, the pop culture icon and the Montreux funk man, all in one.-Dr.FB

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  1. Actually MKL, it did come from here first, maybe about 2-3 months ago.

    The underground Prince sites ganked it from here after it appeared here.

    Look for thread of new purple rumor….it’s from a while back.

  2. “as we told you first” you must be kidding…

    This ‘news’ was on other (underground prince fan) sites long before it appeared on this gossip wordpress blog.

  3. The credit for this picture is © 2009 DMY, it would be nice that you credit it.
    Peace BLR

  4. Sweetie ;)

  5. The man simply gets better with age–like fine wine. Rock on, Prince!!!

  6. Thanx for the report FB.

  7. Well regarding Paris , Olympia neither confirm or deny that rumor

  8. Prince is EVERYWHERE ;)

  9. The greatest of all time. Period.

  10. There is a rumor that I look like Jerome Benton, but smaller….

  11. there is a rumor that Prince will do 3 concerts at the Olympia hall in Paris…

  12. That’s awesome right there. I just hope he puts this stuff on his lotusflow3r website as well as a DVD. I hope there are more goodies like this later this year!

  13. for the love of prince, release any of the hundreds of thousands of hours of footage you’ve recorded over the past 31 years.


  14. DVD shmevdy I want the face 2 face @ the Park Like back in the day. Party like grown folks do, the funky congregation thank you:)

  15. Yes he did Funk montreux … the concerts were among the best he ever did ! He was mind blowing good, and so was the band ! Let’s just hope the DVD get’s released so everyone else can get a bit of the experience we had !

  16. Possible DVD release ?? — A DVD would be great !!! .. I would be happy if some of the recorded footage goes up on Lotusflow3r.com. Come on Prince bring on more LIVE video footage.

  17. Hope there’s a dvd of this, but ill reserve holding my breath for a more likely occurrance, lol

  18. Rock on Prince – here’s hoping u release some video of those shows. Pleeeease!!! xoxo

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