Uh-Oh Mariah! Katy Perry Turns Down “American Idol” For $20 Million

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover

Although she told "American Idol" that she would not be a judge of the show back in JULY, they still pursued her. They even offered her more money than new judge Mariah Carey.

According to TMZ, they originally offered Katy Perry $18 million, which is the exact amount Mariah Carey is making.

After Katy turned them down, they offered her $20 million dollars and even though Idol said "Shut up and put where your money where your mouth is" the singer still turned them down.

It makes no sense to go after Katy.  Speaking from experience, Katy is too hot right now to be tied down to the show.  Same with Nicki Minaj.  It makes sense for Mariah being a mother of twins and for her to be tied down and still be in the limelight.  For Katy, not so much.

Good for Katy for turning it down.  She has guest judged before and knew what she was getting into.

I was REALLY wanting Adam Lambert and Pink to be a part of it but glad it hasn't worked that way.

To see "Idol" getting turned down by almost every music star they go after has been quite amusing, hasn't it?-DocFB


Mariah Carey’s New Video “Triumphant” W/Rick Ross & Meek Mill Is Not So Triumphant

We've been waiting for this video for quite some time of Mariah Carey featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill and as pleased as we are to see Rick Ross fully dressed, we are less than pleased with the rest of the video.

First, Mariah looks hot. She still has it, in her 40's or not. I do long for the days where the focus was on her voice instead of lack of clothing. Mariah is proud of her body and has every right to be. I'm no prude but I do miss those days of the "Someday" video where she could just wear a black shirt and jeans and look just as hot.

Mariah does not need the help of hooking up with a Puff Daddy or Mase liek she did in the 90's for "Honey". She doesn't need Rick Ross or Meek Mill. She has the voice. The message of "Triumphant" is great but the video is a hot mess.

I want to see Mariah throwing knockouts with her voice and just her alone.

I LOVE Mariah but will put something else on over this. I'm hoping the next single will just feature her and no one else.

What do U think?-DocFB


Old School Jam Of The Moment: “Make It Happen” Mariah Carey

Our Old School Jam Of The Moment Is "Make It Happen" by Mariah Carey. Where are the jams like this today? You would think positivity is a 4 letter word or something. Let's not even get into the fact that each time I type positivity, it says that I spelled it wrong....or that the word does not exist. Not the same problem with the word negativity though. You guys should try it.

We dig Mariah Carey especially her older stuff.  "Make It Happen" was one of those songs talking about praying to the Lord and still got major radio play and MTV play, when MTV cared about videos instead of advertising rates.

We hope you enjoy "The Old School Jam Of The Moment" as much as we do.-DocFB


Mariah Gives Birth To ‘Dem Babies

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon.  Photo: Gettyimages.com

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. Photo: Gettyimages.com

In what seemed like the longest ever pregnancy, Mariah Carey finally gave birth to twins.  We are very happy for the pop icon as she has been trying to have kids for a while and did not discuss it publicly due to miscarriages.

She gave birth to a girl and boy this morning in Los Angeles.  Mariah is calling the twins 'Dem Babies" since this morning.  Mariah first thought it was a false alarm as she went to the hospital Thursday night, but within 48 hours, she was a mother via C section.

Interesting to note; the twins were born on Mariah and Nick Cannon's wedding anniversary.  Very cool. 

Congrats to Mariah and Nick!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Always Be Her Babies


Eminem Takes The Elevator Down Lyrically

Eminem Courtesy of Splash News
Eminem Courtesy of Splash News

Eminem Courtesy of Splash News

Eminem has dropped a new song "Elevator" and the beat is hot but the lyrics are not.

Em covers ground he covered 8 years ago and changed a word that rhymes with "maggot" and did 8 years ago much better.  I love Eminem and I thought by now, he would have moved on in the sense of more grown up lyrics and he hasn't.

Bringing up Adam Lambert does not make it current when you still bring up Lance Bass.  Maybe Eminem needs more beef with Mariah because at least while still being a sharp lyricst, his lyrics at least had a bite instead of a bark.

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What do you think?-Dr.FB


Mariah’s One Piece

Mariah Carey. Photo: FamePictures.com
Mariah Carey. Photo: FamePictures.com

Mariah Carey. Photo: FamePictures.com

Mariah Carey did a photo shoot yesterday in Malibu, where she tried on bathing suits and pranced and danced around on the beach.

Not feeling the bathing suit but know if I say how I really feel, I will be chastised. I guess I should just be happy I did not see no camel toe.

Are you digging Mariah's bathing suit?-Dr.FB


Mariah Wants To Know What Love Is

Mariah Carey File Photo
Mariah Carey File Photo

Mariah Carey File Photo

When you stumble and your beat is lazy, pull something back from the 80's. Mariah Carey is about to do that.

Mariah Carey, who's first single "Obsessed" should have been called "A Bust" as it bombed so bad, Mariah pushed her CD back a month. Now, getting heat before we have even heard a lick is her new song entitled "I Want To Know What Love Is" and is from the 1980's by the rock group Foreigner.

I must say...smart move. "Open Arms", "I'll Be There", Can't Live", and "I Still Believe" were huge hits for Mariah and all covers.  Not too much bass Mariah. Keep it simple with piano and other poppy things. Stick to that and you might have a pretty big hit on your hands.-Dr.FB