Video: Clip Of Madonna’s “Celebration”

Here is a clip from Madonna's Celebration. Jesus Luz DJing and Paul Oakenfield doing...um...something.

Still not feeling this. What about you?-Dr.FB

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  1. OLDkenfold is an annoying, out of date, self-important tool. Need proof? Look for an OLDkenfold CD WITHOUT his melon-headed, mugging face on it. Seriously, OLDkenfold is the new Phil Collins. OLDkenfold:’look at me! look at me!… me: no thanks (tool).

  2. It’s the least fun party song I’ve ever heard!

    And creepy Paul OLDkenfold is not helping!

  3. hey it’s not bad! it’s really cool, so far from what i heard. 16 sec not bad, i’m feeling this track, heard tons of songs like this and it’s acceptable. Good luck to Madonna and Madonna fans! :)

  4. WOOOOOOOW!My momma told me that if I can’t say somethin nice…lol Nuff said!

  5. Jesus is one beautiful specimen of the male species.

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