Video: Full Madonna David Letterman Appearance

Here is the complete interview of Madonna on David Letterman promoting her new greatest hits “Celebration” and I hope you like. What is cut out is the trip to the pizza place as you saw the most interesting part.-Dr.FB

Video: Madonna On David Letterman

Here is Madonna on David Letterman and it was an event.  She discusses getting married again, smoking a joint,  Alex Rodriguez, and have NY City Pizza. Madonna looks tiny next to him. She joked that she was married for 8 years, during the Bush years and said it was a good time to be out […]

Video: Madonna “Celebration”

Here is the new video from Madonna, Celebration from her upcoming Greatest Hits package. What do you think of the song and video?-Dr.FB

Top 5 Searches on Drfunkenberry.com This Week

08/28/09 1. Patrick Swayze 2. drfunkenberry.com/dr. funkenberry 3. reality star kills girlfriend 4. Madonna Celebration 5. Michael Jackson Patrick Swayze is the number 1 search where aside from the end of June and start of July, it was Michael Jackson. It is interesting to me that he is one of our top searches always  but his posts […]