What A Night!

Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB
Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB

Katy Perry 08/29/09 In Los Angeles Photo: CB

OK, so I got my Perry Cherry popped tonight as I went to my first Katy Perry show. Amazing! Mic trouble during the first song but the rest was hot like soup!

More info on that and way more photos later today. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus along with a few others were there. When I look at the pics, will let you know.

After Katy, I went to Kiss n Grind where Questlove, DJ Vicktor, and DJ Rashida were spinning. It was at a place called Church and I understand why they call it that; after parking, you are praying your car is still there when you get back. Chuuuuuurch! Yep, I am preaching. Love to support you guys but wish it was at Avalon or Bardot.

Listen, I need to get a little bit of sleep and hoping no other celeb dies while I take a nap. I sometimes feel I am not running a celeb web site but a celeb death watch lately. Seriously.

See you guys soon and much love to Adam & Michael. Peace.-Dr.FB

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  1. Hope you can get a little rest doc. Cant wait for the rest on the info. I like reading the reviews. :)

  2. Doc, were you the photogragher on stage? How the heck did you get so close? You always have great pics and more tomorrow? Sounds good to me!

    BTW, love the Perry Cherry saying. I am sure Katy would love it too.

    For real, this is my new favorite celeb site. Thanks Doc Funk!

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