DJ Rashida

PRINCE & The NPG Are About to Heat Up Minneapolis!!!

MINNEAPOLIS IS ABOUT 2 HEAT UP BIGTIME!! PRINCE AND THE NPG ARE HAVING AN OPEN REHEARSAL AT THE DAKOTA JAZZ CLUB!!! The group Fun. has rented out Paisley Park so rather than stop rehearsals Prince decided to move the band downtown Witness 1st hand what happens as Prince and The New Power Generation gear up […]

Official Prince/NPG Montreal Afterjam! Tickets On Sale Now!

Montreal, Prince is having an official NPG afterparty tonight at Club Newtown with a performance by Marla Joy & DJ Rashida will be putting you in the mix. You know the Doc with DJ Rashida had to hook you up with the info to make sure you can go. Tickets online are $50 now and will be $60.00 […]

Prince, Stevie, Janelle, After Show, NYC, & North Sea

Sheila E., Stevie Wonder & Prince Photo: Mickey President Copyright NPG Records 2011

What a night.  Janelle Monae opening for Prince and guesting with him on stage and then……after midnight….Stevie Wonder!  The icon took center stage with Sheila E. and Prince to a funky rendition of “Superstition” to the crowd’s delight. Stevie jammed on harmonica and did lead vocals with Prince and Sheila backing him up til Stevie wanted […]

What A Night!

OK, so I got my Perry Cherry popped tonight as I went to my first Katy Perry show. Amazing! Mic trouble during the first song but the rest was hot like soup! More info on that and way more photos later today. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus along with a few others were there. When I look […]