Adam Goldstein

DJ AM’s Death Ruled Accidental Overdose

The autopsy results and coroner’s reports are in and DJ AM died of an accidental overdose. People Magazine was saying I was a drug suicide but I stuck to the facts of an accidental overdose. It sad nonetheless.-Dr.FB

Oxycontin Found In DJ AM’s System

A report by People says that DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein had 9 oxycontin pills were in his body at the time of his death.  One of them was found in his mouth. People is saying their source is claiming that Adam was trying to kill himself. People we know who knew Adam personally and professionally […]

Video: MTV Show May Have Been DJ AM’s Breaking Point

Here is video of DJ Am aka Adam Goldstein talking about working on the show he was doing for MTV when he died. He talks about picking up a crack pipe to show how easy it is and his palms started getting sweaty and he knew it was not a smart thing for him to be […]

What A Night!

OK, so I got my Perry Cherry popped tonight as I went to my first Katy Perry show. Amazing! Mic trouble during the first song but the rest was hot like soup! More info on that and way more photos later today. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus along with a few others were there. When I look […]

DJ AM Has Died

I am trying to get over the shock as DJ Am was found dead this morning.  When I found out more, I will let you know. DJ Am was almost killed in a flight last year with Travis Barker and then a year later, is dead. TMZ is saying prescription drugs, and a pipe were […]