Step By Step is now on the celebrity section of the Alltop family of web sites, which means we are on the same page as the big boys such as TMZ, D-Listed, Tyler, MSN Entertainment, New York Daily News, Popwatch, Variety, X-17, and The Insider.  That. Is. So. Cool.

The Drfunkenberry name has been around for about a year and half and I debuted this version of the site in October of last year, leaving our old one on and all the stats I had built with it.  Still, what takes most bloggers 2-3 years to develop, this one accomplished in half the time.  For that, I am VERY grateful to you.  The lovers, the haters (no real haters yet though) thank you.

I can only try to entertain you and try to be on top of all the news and to gain a wider audience….no. Wait.  I won’t try. I will do. For those that need to know, I am out a lot looking for stories, roaming the streets, and checking the hundreds of emails and texts I get a day for news items and other stuff of interest.

I enjoy what I do and it is hard work. It would be easier to criticize and belittle the time and effort I put into this web site but most of you don’t and I thank you for that. I may not say it all the time but I do appreciate you guys very very much. Thank you.-Dr.FB




  1. violetsareblue

    Wow, I’m disappointed you felt the need to remove my post! I’m definately no hater, but I guess you must be full of BS when you say you value people coming to your site. You can count me out of your statistics. Bye

  2. LexAve456

    This is a cool site and I will keep on supporting it and getting the word out about this site. It rocks!

  3. lori armstrong

    hey it’s lori from facebook and i just want you to know that i really appreciate what you do. you don’t have any haters because you’re the greatest! lol.. keep the faith. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. justmemuchlove

    “I enjoy what I do and it is hard work”
    Well this is a fun site to check out daily. Wish I had the skills to help you out though. I know it most me alot of work. Much love

  5. violetsareblue

    You’ve done really well, especially to get the Prince exclusives. I look in most days because of this and would suggest this is the main point of interest in your site? For me anyway all the other celeb news like a little bonus.
    Thanks for the news, it’s always very exciting to see Prince adorning the page!

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