Jermaine Jackson Announces Tribute Concert Line-Up

Jermaine Jackson held a press conference to announce a line-up for the Tribute Concert to be held later this month.

I am kind of surprised, if he is telling the truth, that he got Mary J. Blige & Chris Brown to headline the event. I figured more stars would stay away from this.  other artists are Natalie Cole and Sister Sledge.

What do you think of the tribute and the artists chosen?-Dr.FB



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  • Vienna Sausage
    Posted at 20:31h, 09 September

    Jermaine truly is a waste of skin. He’s full of empty promises. I remember not too long ago when the Jacksons were to reunite at a Las Vegas concert. When that day finally came, that “reunion concert” turned out to be an award show – “The Jackson Family Honors”. Jermaine needs to stop using his last name to dupe fans out of hard earned money. Jermaine is an A$$hole.

  • Rose
    Posted at 02:24h, 09 September

    Chirs Brown has hardly started his FIVE YEARS of proabtion. along with not screwing up the restraining order Rhianna has placed against him for FIVE YEARS.

    This is not old news.

    I was so happy about this tribute taking place in Vienna, Austria.
    Now I’m sort of sickened that a guy who RECENTLY beat his girlfriend to a pulp is going to open the show!?!?

    This is suppose to be about love and joy;
    not empathy for a young man who needs to complete his anger management sessions and his probation and his restraining order that Rhianna placed against him.

    Michael was the King of Pop, because he KNEW when to promote things and when to keep things OUT.

    Jermaine; I love you.
    Don’t destroy this special event.

    Posted at 22:48h, 08 September

    I heard tonight (on one of the Entertainment shows) that Mary WILL NOT BE THERE. They said she would actually be performing somewhere else that day. Did you hear that?

  • Chocolate_Box777
    Posted at 20:04h, 08 September

    Why would artist stay away from this tribute? MJ opened a lot of doors for any artist in the music industry. I agree how can Jay z black ball Chris when he hit a woman himself….This should be interesting. Jermaine loves being in the spotlight does he. I wonder is Janet participating. It would say a lot if she doesn’t……..

  • Alexnmind
    Posted at 16:42h, 08 September

    As I stated in the pass, I see no reason why Chris Brown shouldnt perform at this event. Jay Z has me confused with his black balling Chris about the Rihanna thing. I havnt forgotten when Jay Z struck a female reporter because she was in his face. It wasnt a slap but an all out punch. I had went back to try to find the clip and it was removed but it is still etched in my mind. I had sent the link to a friend of mine who was a big Jay z fan and she was like the reporter deserved it!! oh welll…….Jay Z, R. Kelly gets breaks..i wonder if it’s because they are identified by a single letter in their names. oopps my mistake O.J. didnt get a break well sorta

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