Exclusive: Michael Jackson’s Kids Leave Janet’s Show In Tears

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry
Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Last Thursday night, Janet Jackson performed at the Gibson Ampithetre and Katherine Jackson, Janet's mom, took Michael Jackson's kids to see Aunt Janet's show.

We are told that Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket were having a good time...up until the middle of the show. 

In the middle of the show, Janet does "Scream" the duet she did in the 90's with her brother.  His vocals are played during the performance and on the screen behind her and the sides, was video of "Scream" which featured the kids father, Michael Jackson.

The kids were in tears and left during "Scream" and what we find interesting is that Jermaine Jackson just saw the show 4 days before as he was sitting behind us.  Seems that maybe Katherine and Jermaine would have talked or even Janet letting Katherine know about MJ being shown.

The last number "Together Again" features Janet and Michael through the years.  We wonder if the kids could have made it to the end of the show what would have happened.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not For All Children

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry



Video: Janelle Monae Covers “Smile”

 Watch the performance HERE. (Since the commercial plays instantly, had to take it off site.)

Janelle Monae stopped by Billboard's Studios to cover "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin.  Check out her version above.  The last time I heard this was when Jermaine Jackson attempted to perform it at Michael Jackson's funeral at the Staples Center last year.

Let me know what you think of Janelle's version.-Dr.FB


My Take On The American Music Awards

American Music Awards Logo.  Image: Dick Clark Productions
American Music Awards Logo.  Image: Dick Clark Productions

American Music Awards Logo. Image: Dick Clark Productions

The American Music Awards was the best AMA's in about 10 years. A majority of the stars were on hand except for Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  A couple years ago, almost every award winner was not there. Another year, the biggest act performing was the return of Motley Crue.

Lady Gaga did not disappoint but left the show empty-handed.  Will the Grammys get it right?  Kelly Clarkson belted out a tune. Carrie Underwood proclaimed her love for her "Cowboy Casanova" with a bevy of back-up dancers.  Janet Jackson went through a medley of her hits surrounded by her new song "Make Me" and an outfit that did not complement her, but did not provide a Super Bowl moment.

A few random notes:

-Was Taylor Swift really in London via satellite or was it to make sure she would not be interrupted by Kanye? (I kid. I kid.)

-Why is no one talking about Green Day's solid performance?

-How hot was Sofia Vergara?

-Adam Lambert.  Wow or Ouch?

-Did you notice there was no host?

-Good job by American Music Award producers for editing Jennifer Lopez's performance of a forgettable song by taking out her fall during her performance.  By doing that, you brought attention to it, and provided a moment for us bloggers.

I had a problem with Michael Jackson being nominated for so many awards and winning.  It was based on his older CD's selling after his death.  It just wasn't fair for other artists to compete with that.  Thankfully, it is no longer whoever sells more wins, because the only artist to sell more than MJ this year was Taylor Swift. 

At the same time, by not doing a tribute, it cut down on Jermaine's speech.

What did you all think of the American Music Award show?-Dr.FB

PS I will be adding more to this later as time permits.


Jermaine Jackson Is A Liar! Tribute Concert Cancelled!

Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns
Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns

Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns

Why doesn't he do what he did when he did what he did when he lied to me?

Never trust someone who names their kid Jermajesty. I don't care if I spelled it wrong. It's still lame as phuck.

As we thought, Jermaine Jackson was talking out his greasy ass cheeks when announcing the tribute concert for his brother. This smelled worse that Courtney Love at a courthouse.

Jermaine said earlier this week he was gonna have Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige perform at the concert and I was like..what? Wow. No way. Looks like I was right. Natalie Cole has denied it as well.

Mary was told about the gig by a reporter n she said she has another gig that day. Chris Brown said he was gonna be busy beating up his latest girl that day as well.

The tribute concert has been cancelled although Jermaine is saying it will now be in London 2010. If Michael was the gloved one, Jermaine is the greasy one.

Classless mofo. So can anyone just have a press conference and say people are going to be there? Hmm.  Ok then!

Coming in 200never, The Dr.Funkenberry tribute concert with performances by Katy Perry, Jay-Z, a special duet between Britney Spears and Prince, along with appearances by Kim Kardashian in a thong and the comedy act of John Mayer & Chelsea Handler. Plus Drake and Trey Songz will sing the hooks for all our guest performers.

Shoot, if you are going to lie Jermaine, might as well say Michael will be returning to the stage to put a foot up those greasy cheeks brother.

Jermaine Jackson is like school on Saturday, no class.-Dr.FB


Jermaine Jackson Announces Tribute Concert Line-Up

Jermaine Jackson held a press conference to announce a line-up for the Tribute Concert to be held later this month.

I am kind of surprised, if he is telling the truth, that he got Mary J. Blige & Chris Brown to headline the event. I figured more stars would stay away from this.  other artists are Natalie Cole and Sister Sledge.

What do you think of the tribute and the artists chosen?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

Michael Jackson wireimage.com
Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson is finally buried. After dying June 25th. Buried 70 days later. That's some bull right there, but now he is buried.

Let's see...a private viewing July 6th, then a memorial service of family and friends July 7th, then going to the public memorial July 7th at the Staple center and then the actual burial last night.

The burial last night was star studded with Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley,  Chris Tucker,  Macaulay Culkin and his girlfriend Mila Kulas. Performers included we are told Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and Aretha Franklin.

Let me say this...I am glad he is buried. Finally. I don't understand the whole 5 limos and the big Italian restaurant in Pasadena after the burial service.  I am upset that it took so much time to get him buried. From infighting and other things. I understand time was needed for the autopsy but after that, it should have been taken care of, but it wasn't.  Was the family trying to milk Michael maybe thinking the press would not care about them anymore?

Give Jermaine time to try to put together tribute concerts that cost an arm and a leg? Give Latoya enough time to make a video? Give Joe more time to pimp his record label? Janet has been silent during all this but I would not be surprised in time she admits being upset by the way things were handled.

I am happy he is finally buried but upset at the not so classy way it was handled. The Jackson family really is something else.


Michael Jackson’s Children Chill In Vegas

Paris Jackson and Prince Michael III along with "Blanket" were spotted at the Palms Hotel & Casino, having fun by the pool. They were there with Katherine Jackson.

Several photos have leaked of Paris shopping and other things but for now, I have decided not to get the photos.

Jermaine Jackson was in Vegas well, attending the Depeche Mode concert at the Pearl Theatre in Vegas. Wonder when Depeche sang "It's No Good", if it was directed to Jermaine's tribute concerts set for later this year.-Dr.FB