Pink & Shakira Caught In The Same Dress

Pink & Shakira Same Dress.  Photo:

Pink & Shakira Same Dress. Photo:

One of the biggest mistakes you can have happen on the Red Carpet happened. 2 stars caught in the same dress arriving right after each other.

Pink & Shakira wore the same dress to the MTV Video Music Awards last night but no cat-fight broke out. In fact, the opposite where the 2 laughed over it and posed for pictures.

You know who did not have to worry about anyone wearing the same outfit(s) as her? Lady Gag Gaga.-Dr.FB



  • Nitabnpg
    Posted at 11:10h, 14 September

    I know that’s right Dr. FB, Lady Gaga, is beyond words. I’m glad that Shakira and Pink could take it with a smile, things happen, oh well they both looked great.

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