Video: Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill”

Here is the new single from Whitney Houston's Number 1 CD, "I Look To You" and it is hot! The song was written by Alicia Keys and for some reason we could totally hear Miss Keys singing it.

Regardless, I am feeling it. What about you?-Dr.FB

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  1. Actually I like the Bass in the Intro most… reminds me of Gossip.
    The song is a bit boring to me.
    But Whitney is back and it’s good for her. Shine Whitney!

  2. Really glad that Whitney is back!

  3. It’s an o.k song…wouldn’t cause me to run out and buy the cd that’s for sure.

  4. Glad Clive Davis took his time with this project. Whitney has come a long way to get back where she is now. I’m proud of her……Nice song to

  5. I love it! Its a great song. Whitney did the damn thing with this song!

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