Video: Adam Lambert Video Debut “Time For Miracles”

Here is Adam Glambert Lambert's video debut for the song "A Time For Miracles" from the upcoming movie 2012.

I kind of like it. Kind of. What do you think of the American Idol contestant's debut video?-Dr.FB

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  1. Adam Lambert is a very talented singer and i admire most of his performance. i wish that he had won the contest though.

  2. While I like the song and love Adam and his voice, I’m not that keen on the video.

    With regard to Kris, he picked up the Gokey fans who voted against Adam in retaliation. IMHO, He seems like a great guy, who, I think, has been put in the awful position of being overshadowed by the runner-up. I feel he’s been done a disservice, but will have respectable sales.

    Adam definitely has the goods and the chops for longevity. Anyone who thinks he and Kris care who won AI is sadly mistaken. They’ve moved on.

  3. I like his look and I like his voice. What am I saying!! I’m buying in to the hoopla! HELP!… someone give me some Prince!

  4. The song is so so. It’s taken from the 2012 motion picture hence all the special effects. His scenes though look like they were filmed by a 2nd year film student. Boring. & Over acted.

  5. I love Adam….his voice gives me goosebumps and that’s a good thing….there is no doubt that Adam should have won American Idol…there aren’t too many artists from Idol that have staying power but Adam will be around for a long long time…

  6. I like the way he looks (love the coat and all) Song is not my cup of tea but that’s a nice look on him.

  7. There is no doubt that Adam has some crazy sick vocals!But I didn’t buy the hype then and I don’t buy it now.Decent song,just looks awkward with this video.I still think he is better suited for broadway or somethin other than what he is singing right now.

  8. Ahh, America voted correctly trust me!
    The only shameful thing is the shallow hype and support that was given to Adam on the show, this would have intimidated any competitor…
    so I am really glad America saw through the lights and glamour when Kris Allen got on stage with just a guitar and reminded people where the talent was at.
    The producers knew right then they had a problem, so cool!

  9. I think this is going to be like the AI season with Clay and Ruben; the person who won disappears.

  10. Someone just posted on my fb how did he not win american idol and that america should be ashamed.

    Hmm. Kris Allen fans where you at?

  11. Adam sounds great!! The song is great, too. Loved the video.

  12. I like the song, he sounds good. That’s some big budget video.

  13. =D

    This was nice to wake up to.

  14. I like it. I don’t know why but when Adam started singing, his voice reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi for some reason. I thought it was cool.

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