What Is Going On With Katt Williams?

Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office
Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office

Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office

Have you ever had a guest in your home that took something from you?  What if that guest was Katt Williams, the pimpin' pimpin comedian?

Katt Williams was trying to break into the place he was staying at with a crowbar. He had been living at the residence for a month. He was booked and bail was set at $40,000 grand which has not been paid yet. 

The police say about $3,500 in jewelry was stolen but Williams lawyers are denying.  His lawyers says he wears more than that on a daily basis so why would he steal it?  Well, if you know Katt, that is kind of true.

If you all remember, last November, Katt was hospitalized after acting weird in public, showing up to a hotel wearing nothing but a robe saying that they were out to get them, but never saying who was out to get them.

One has to wonder if Katt's obsession with pot plays into this at all.  I have some friends who get very paranoid after smoking that stuff.  Regardless of the situation, this is nothing like getting caught with a gun at the Burbank airport, which Katt did get caught with.  You really don't want to be messing with those cops from the South Katt. 

I hope you are innocent n this shizz passes.  Craziness isn't it? Kind of sad too.-Dr.FB

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  1. Mary Hey Katt I still want to be the Nanny for those kids or something in your organization.

  2. Hey Katt Williams God is Good. Please get yourself together and do a come back. I know it gets rough but you can make it with pray.

  3. I am still getting my seven laughs! Seriously, sounds like a “crack” attack! Crack kills go to rehab quickly!

  4. hey katt I just wanted to say that God loves you & so do I what ever you going threw talk to God because He will listen no one else will…from karen in mpls.mn. just sending some love…

  5. It’s obvious, he’s on that shit. Take it from an addict that use to be addicted. He needs help, and I hope he gets it.

  6. I’m still getting in my seven laughs….

  7. Its real sad. too much Fame and Sadness going on.

  8. that must be some good shit he was smoking because i dont know any pot that would make you want to rob. lose points for that 1 docfb.

  9. Aww… :( I hope that if he needs help that he truly gets it.Sounds like a cry for help.But then again it seems when celebrities act badly everyone looks the other way.So maybe he just needs some attention.Guess we will see but I wish him the best.

  10. I hope you are innocent n this shizz passes. Craziness isn’t it? Kind of sad too.-Dr.FB
    Agree!! Oh no no noooooooooo Not Katt.. Not “This sh@T right here n#@*a” Katt. Please be oke..Please.. This is so sad.. And his children!! sigh..

  11. It’s real sad. I wonder if he’s mentally ill. He does not sound like a mentally stable person at all. Whether it’s drugs or something else, the brother needs help, especially since he’s the father of 8 kids, give or take.

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