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Grammy Live Chat!

Thanks for joining in on the Grammy Chat!! We will most likely have one for the Oscars….-Dr.FB

Jimmy Kimmel Upset At Jay Leno Over Oprah

Jimmy Kimmel talked about Jay Leno and his interview with Oprah. Jimmy decides to give the real story about what happened when Jimmy went on Jay Leno. Check it out above.-Dr.FB

Exclusive! New Captain EO Michael Jackson Poster

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Exclusive!

Here is the NEW Captain EO poster for the Disneyland attraction! We have no word when the Michael Jackson Disney project will open but it seems like in a few weeks.  We will let you know. How cool is the poster?-Dr.FB

Exclusive Interview With Debi Nova

We were lucky enough to talk with Costa Rican singer/songwriter Debi Nova this week to find out more about her career and upcoming debut album, “Luna Nueva”, due out in April. Debi’s first single, “Drummer Boy”, is an uptempo dance track with a world music vibe. Listen to it below, then download it from iTunes […]

Michael Jackson’s Children To Accept His Lifetime Achievement Grammy

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael

This Saturday, Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, will accept the Lifetime Achievement Grammy for their late father. Blanket, 7, is not expected to appear, but the Jackson family says that could change. The award ceremony will be taped on Saturday at the Special Merit Awards ceremony and footage of it may […]