Jay Leno Weighs In On Conan & The Tonight Show


Jay Leno took to his monologue of today's "The Jay Leno" show to address a few things.  The talk show host did not make any wisecracks about Conan but addressed the situation.

According to TMZ, Jay addressed how in 2004 NBC approached him about having Conan take over The Tonight Show  in 2009 because Conan was going to bolt to ABC or Fox, as he was getting contract offers.  Jay tried to argue, saying he was number 1 in the ratings.  NBC told say flat out: you won't be able to maintain number 1.

Jay agreed to it then and out of that hatched "The Jay Leno Show" where NBC thought he would thrive in the summer, but never even made it to summer.

Jay thought that Conan would not mind moving a half-hour later to make room for Jay and the reason he thought that was that NBC thought that.  Their report said that Jay said not to blame Conan and called him a really nice guy and a gentleman.

Straight up: NBC knew Conan would not be happy moving a half-hour back so NBC is lying and Jay may be lying as well.

We will have his monologue up later tonight.  What do you think of what Jay said about the situation?-Dr.FB

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  1. I think who cares about them 2 – Letterman has always been funnier

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