Brett Favre’s “Pants On The Ground”

Check out Brett Favre doing the "Pants On The Ground" song and the original, which is turning into a hit, below.

What do you think of Brett's version?-Dr.FB

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  1. That you post to the resurgence of my heart, you saved me a pull pull cool cool heart!

  2. Sooo much truth in such a simple little song! He sings what we all or at least I think everyday I drive thru this great city of ours…

  3. Kuuuunnnntrryyyyyy!!! LOL That’s Mississippi for ya!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! pant on the ground is funny as hell

  5. this is allmost as funny as the tv comm. AND HELL YA they 1. sont the little pussy ass tony homo needs to quit complain and hope he doesnt come back next year

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