Adam Lambert Tweets About Arrest: Lesson Learned

Adam Lambert. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com
Adam Lambert. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert has been released from jail after an argument with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen turned into a small altercation outside of a bar in Finland.

Adam has since tweeted about the incident;

Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it. :)

Sounds about right to me.  He said he feels guilt over it and his lesson has been learned.  If this happens again, then maybe we can question things.  Right now, I am satisfied with his answer.

By the way you all know he has a new song out, right? ;)-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Sometimes we all know each other better than we know ourselves....


Adam Lambert Arrested After “Fight” With Boyfriend

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo: Flynetonline.com
Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Pop star Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland after a skirmish with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. Contrary to other reports, the fight was small and there was no violence on Lambert's part.

After seeing the Daily Mail quote a blogger who shall remain nameless about what happened who wasn't there, we decided to take to Twitter and track down a few people who were in Finland and knew what really happened.

It does appear that Adam and Sauli were intoxicated and did fight outside a gay bar titled "Don't Tell Momma" early Thursday morning.  Another couple tried to get involved to break it up and Adam swung at the woman, but the woman says Adam swung at her accidentally and did not do it intentionally.  Adam was emotional and apologized to the woman.  Keep in mind, these people who were involved know both Adam and Sauli. One Twitter user had more info than others so thank you to Illuxxia

It seems like it was more of a yelling match then say fisticuffs. It is a minor incident and was not violent, despite what that other dumb blogger says.

This is highly unlike Adam.  It is not like Adam and I are BFF.  However, I have seen him at several events in Los Angeles and he is always quite the gentleman.  Taking time to talk to young fans and pose for pictures.  He is friendly and down to earth.  Always a thank you and a please when asking for things.  Basically, a lot in Hollywood and former Idol winners could take a lesson from Adam.

As I stated before, this is not like Adam.  Everyone has an off night and for Adam, this was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Adam is coming off quite a successful year with his new single "Better Than I Know Myself" which is rising up the charts with a video to follow in January 2012.  He rocked the Euro MTV Awards performing with Queen and is putting finishing touches on his next album "Trespassing" which will feature songs with Nikka Costa and Nile Rodgers.  The album is due for release in March 2012 and we have a feeling tonight's actions will be barely remembered by then.

When we have more info, we will pass it on.  Sauili has been released and said it was "drunk hugging" more than a fight.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We Got You Adam.......

Update:  Both Adam and Saulili have been released and were not charged and are downplaying everything.


X Factor Judges Fight Over Audition That Is D.O.A.

I've never seen Simon Cowell so disgusted over a vote of no before.

Tiah Tolliver had Simon fighting for her and L.A. Reid siding with Simon as Nicole and Paula were steadfast on a no.  (Make sure ot watch the whole clip especially after the voting around the 9:14 mark.  Wowza.)

Did Paula or Nicole see "Steel" like Simon did? Check out the clip to see if Paula or Nicole changed their vote to a yes....-DocFB

Diagnosis: D.O.A. OR A Fighting Chance?


Nicki Minaj Denies Fight; Says Man Would Have Balls Removed By Her

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj is denying that she got into an altercation with a man at Dallas hotel yesterday.  It was reported yesterday that Nicki got into a shouting match with a male companion and got struck on her bottom lip.

Nicki took to her Twitter account to make a statement about the incident; "The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn't leave on a stretcher w/his balls hangin off? get an F'nlife!"

She later went on to say "The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its raining. You'd believe it. You'd believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so. #stopit5"

Wow.  Balls hanging off and golden showers on a leg.  We don't want to mess with Nicki.  Not sure if she would remove the balls with her hands or her ass.  I would not want to wait around to find out.

So I guess if you listen to Nicki, then the fight didn't happen, right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Your Love Or Your Balls.


Nicki Minaj Gets Attacked By A Man In A Hotel?

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj allegedly was attacked by a man in a lavish Dallas hotel last night.  Nicki was by the hotel's pool where she got into a verbal fight with the man she was with and it got very loud.

The man went back to their hotel room and Nicki shortly followed.  The fight continued and at some point, police and paramedics were called.  Nicki was hit in her lower lip.

Despite the hit, Nicki did not want charges pressed against the man.  She let it be known that the man was not her boyfriend nor any other type of relationship was taking place with the individual.  An incident report was taken and nothing else.

Nicki nor her team has said anything publicly about the altercation.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No More I Love You's


Gary Coleman Brings The Crazy! Video~

Gary Coleman was on "The Insider" yesterday and things got crazy when defending abusing his wife. He told one of the female hosts "to go f*** themselves" and things went crazy from there as Gary stormed off the set.

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think. Did she provoke him?-Dr.FB


Video~ Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown Beating

"When will it stop? When will it stop? He had no soul. He was blank."

Here it is. Rihanna talking about when Chris Brown beat her up 9 months ago.

[If the video above stops working, go to http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=9013895 to watch it]

She answers the question if she hates him and you may not believe the response.

Don't forget to watch the full interview on 20/20 Tonight. What do you think of what she said so far?-Dr.FB