What’s Up Doc? “Everybody Got Their Something” Edition

What't up funkenbabies?  This week, we cover Tiger Woods return to golf, Celeb break-up news on Sandra Bullock and Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, along with Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and more....

All on what's up Doc?

Keep it funky and much love!-Dr.FB

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  1. Awwww, thanks Doc for the shout out to Karrie and me. She feels very loved by you and everyone else! Thanks for everything and STAY FUNKY!

  2. Sorry to hear about Jim Carey, one of my most favourite boys..so unlucky in love. I hope too that Whitney hasn’t fallen off the wagon but I bet she has & the Tiger Woods ad is beyond bizarre. Nike attempt at being cool & artistic did not work for me! I wouldn’t be seen dead in Nike based purely on this advert!
    Also wishing a speedy recovery to the Doc’s friend who just had surgery ;) x

  3. OMG Your voice Doc!! hmmm
    I agree with you on the Tiger. I hope ppl will just give him a break and let him do his thing and it must have been hard for him to listen to.. I mean that’s his daddy’s voice..
    I can’t wait to hear the Jay-Z and Dr Dre stuff
    And thank you for this weeks “Whaat’s up Doc” .
    Much Love right back.

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