Jim Carrey

The WORST Of Sould Train! SNL Skit Watch Now!

This is so bad, it’s good!  The WORST of Soul Train.  Jim Carrey does look a little bit like El Debarge at times in the clip. Oh man!  Some of these groups are really bad.  You do need to check it though. Let su know what you think of the WORST of Soul Train.-Dr.FB P.S. […]

Video: Jim Carrey Does “Black Swan”!!!! Watch Now!

Jim Carrey gave us one Saturday Night Live moment to talk about on Monday morning and it was all about “Black Swan” which you all have to see already. Check out the clip above as Jim seems more than comfortable in that tutu for real. Natalie Portman would be proud.-Dr.FB

What’s Up Doc? “Everybody Got Their Something” Edition

What’t up funkenbabies?  This week, we cover Tiger Woods return to golf, Celeb break-up news on Sandra Bullock and Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, along with Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and more…. All on what’s up Doc? Keep it funky and much love!-Dr.FB

Carrey, McGregor Film Too Gay To Play In The USA?

  The TimesOnline is reporting that the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor film I Love You Phillip Morris is having a very hard time finding a U.S. distributor thanks in large part to rather frank and graphic depictions of gay sex.  The film is based on the true story of two men who meet and fall in […]