Prince BET Lifetime Achievement Award Performances & Speech. Watch Now!

Here are the performances for Prince's tribute at last night's 2010 BET Award. Prince received the Lifetime Achievement Award and several of his songs were performed by Janelle Monae ("Let's Go Crazy"), Alicia Keys ("Adore"), Esperanza Spalding ("If I Was Your Girlfriend) and Patti Labelle ("Purple Rain"). Chaka Khan and Patti presented Prince with the award.

What did you think of the show? -Dr.FBPrince accepts his Lifetime Achievement Award (sorry the quality's not better! - DrFB):

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  1. If Janelle Monae is the beacon to the rest of the world, we are all in trouble. Wow, what a bad voice. On the other hand Alicia did an amazing job.

  2. Look at MY ANGEL..!!
    Bless you Prince

  3. Good stuff Doc… glorious morning, beautiful smile 🙂

  4. impressed by BET this year, great show. glad he chose not to perform, he deserves to receive the gift he so prolifically gives. it stung a little to hear him speak as if he was passing the torch. but hopefully he can come from that place of humility going forward… i long to hear that authentic voice in his songwriting.

    thanx for your updates dfb, especially the mj posts this week- much appreciated.

  5. A well deserved award. Graciously accepted..
    I’m so, so proud of Prince!!!

  6. if prince didnt go through both the good times and bad times in his younger days, he wouldnt be where he is today…its basically like saying his “children” were mistakes…i really hope he meant “mistakes” by things that happened in his personal life and not his earlier works, he should never feel ashamed of them

  7. Really really loved his speech. But the tribute to me could have been better. But I’m happy that Prince really enjoyed himself more than I ever seen him. Plus he picked who he wanted to do it.. His shirt was bad ass. Loved it and he looked really healthy & content. Glad he took Shelby as his date.

    Prince to me gets better with age. He really seems happy & content and @ peace with life and himself. It was so good to see him………But i hope he is not giving up on his back catalog remasters. Prince please don’t abandon them & give us diehards what we want remasters. When U get set to do that deal…

  8. Very gracious speech. Congratulations to Prince for a much deserved acknowledgement.

  9. There are some nice photos at Moquake! The tribute was a lot of fun, Prince looked fantastic, very nice speech!

  10. Sorry, Janelle Monae!! I hate it when I misspell someone’s name!!

  11. I think Prince enjoyed the entire tribute, not just Alicia and Patti. I think it just took him a minute to get wound up. When Alicia got up on that piano, he was just too through and then Patti came out kicking her shoes off. If if had gone on any longer, he might have ended up on stage with them! Janelle Monet and Esperanza Spaulding did a credible job with his music as well. He seems so much more comfortable accepting awards than he used to be.

  12. beautiful…..just so beautiful…..thanks for posting.

  13. Thanks Doc! I do hope that when he addressing “mistakes” he made doing his wilder dayz, that he wasn’t talking about the music. That 2 me was where he was then and what he had 2 do! It worked, got Ur attention and now we know just what a genius he truly is!!! U deserved that award Prince..ain’t nobody badder than U!!!!

  14. He didn’t perform. No need to post the tribute Dr!

  15. where tell tribute video..DR??????

  16. Lovely speech..will you be posting the tribute as well? My DVR stopped recording right after John Legend’s speech.. 🙁

  17. Prince in 3 minutes denouced his past business, musical works or performances as mistakes when he was young. Basically don’t look for any remasters, concerts on dvd etc.

  18. Look like Prince really enjoyed Alicia Keys and Pattie LaBelle.

  19. Thanks Doc … Great acceptance speech and the performance was nice …

  20. Nice little speech. 🙂
    I want his shirt!!
    Didn’t get to see anything past Drake being awarded, though, because cable tv went out during the storm. Mother Nature could have waited until AFTER the show was over. 🙁

  21. It was nice to see him just sit back and enjoy himself. The tribute was brilliant. Prince deserved it and the ladies killed it.

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