Chris Brown’s BET Performance A Comeback?

It is really hard to say someone who is 21 is having a comeback, but then again not every person who is 21 did what Chris Brown did.  Emotional overload may have taken place for him last night.

Only time can tell if an audience has forgiven him.  Him winning an award at the end of the BET Awards voted on by fans is a start. 

Also, some people felt he faked it towards the end of his Michael Jackson Tribute performance.  What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. I think his reaction was a combination of things. I think he was honored to have been chosen to do the tribute. We all know he has had a really hard time since the incident with Rihanna. This has been his first opportunity to perform in a while. I think that the positive audience reaction brought him to the brink and I think that the lyrics of the song itself had an impact that took him over the top. Emotional overload is what I think it was as well. I’m really glad that he was given the opportunity and I hope that the people who supported him last night will continue to do so. He’s a 21 year old young man who made a mistake and should have a chance.

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