Shocker? Lady Gaga Admits Using Cocaine “Occasionally

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga. Photo:

We say shocker tongue in cheek obviously.

Lady Gaga has admitted the she uses cocaine occasionally, a “couple” times a year.

She is asking her fans to do as she says but not as she does as she asks them not to do the drug.  This is from her Vanity Fair interview. 

Last year, she told the Observer that she used to do bags and bags of coke but quit when confronted by her father.  She says she stopped because she was panicked from the drugs more than sober.

If you don’t want your fans to do drugs, maybe you should not admit to doing drugs and still doing drugs?  I understand this whole let everyone know everything mentality, but sometimes, not everything needs to be laid out.  Save it for your memoir when you are 50.

What do you think of Gaga doing cocaine but asking her fans not to do it?-Dr.FB




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