George Michael Will Be Checking Into Rehab!

George Michael   Photo: TheDailymail.co

George Michael Photo: TheDailymail.co

Just days after being released from jail, George Michael has decided he needs to go rehab. 

George released this statement:

"I want to beat my drug addiction and lead a normal life. I don't want to end up back in prison. It's a very horrible place to be. You're not considered a person when you're inside, you're just a number and that freaked me out. I have done wrong and paid my time for doing this stupid crime and I want to get my life back on track."
We are happy that George is making this decision and hope that rehab in London is better than rehab here as it seems it doesn't work for most celebrities. 
Good luck George and we support you on getting your life on track.-Dr.FB
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