New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys Perform As NKOTBSB At American Music Awards

The New Kids On The Block stole the American Music Awards as they performed with the Backstreet Boys and re-titled themselves NKOTBSB.

Not sure why they started off with Backstreet songs but NKOTB took over in the middle and the end.

Got to love that Joey kicked Jordan’s mic during the performance.  At least there will be no lip-syncing scandal like there was back in the 90’s.

Backstreet and New Kids are touring together next year and the dates are selling fast.  Still not sure if I am digging the NKOTBSB name, but I have a feeling they really don’t care what I think as they walk to the bank to cash in another $10 million dollars.

What did you think of the New Kids medley…er…and Backstreet as well?  Any songs they did not do that you wanted them to?-Dr.FB




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