Listen Up: Prince Interviewed On 107.5 WBLS New York

Photo by Pia Asvig Uduebor

Photo by Pia Asvig Uduebor

Prince continued his surprise appearances in New York City today when he dropped by the 107.5 WBLS studios for an interview; keyboard player Morris Hayes came with.

Prince talked about his upcoming shows at the IZOD Center on December 15 and 17, and his Madison Square Garden shows on December 18, 29 and January 18 (ticket info). Prince gifted the radio host with Prince candy bars - wonder if this means there will be some interesting new merchandise at the NY shows?

Prince also answered questions about the special guests that concertgoers can expect at the NY shows, how he stays looking so young, and whether he would ever launch his own shoe line (!!). Prince said he really doesn't do interviews much because "if you listen to my music, that's me now".

During the interview, Prince sent prayers out to one of his backup singers, Shelby J., whose father passed away this week. We too send our condolences to Shelby and wish the best for her and her family.

Listen to the WBLS interview with Prince:

Special thanks to a reader for letting us know about this. - Dr.FB

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  1. Beautiful man making beautiful music. I love Prince.
    I will be at all of his NY NJ concerts…

  2. ‘ …candy bars – wonder if this means there will be some interesting new merchandise at the NY shows?’

    OMG! You make it sound really dirty like he’ll be selling sex toys! LOL

  3. He is simply the best there is in the music industry INTERNATIONALLY!

  4. awesome

  5. I just love Prince! His music rocks and his moral fiber is strong.

  6. V droll…1010 huh!

  7. Prince is so beautiful. Love you Prince.

  8. 2 women in 2 days
    have lost their ______ minds over Prince….(Sherri of The View, now the DJ)

    These concerts are going to be sticky, steamy, pull your clothes off hot, hot, hot (in the midst of winter)

    My lawd!

  9. He scarcely spoke.

  10. For Shelby.Much Love & prayers for U & your family. One day we will be reunited with family & friends that have passed. That day will be soon. Love P.

  11. Special thanx to the guy who has recorded it especially…

  12. AWESOME thanx Doc, Baby P, Morris and Lady Interviewer

    Peace and luv

  13. My heart goes out to you Shelby J and for you and your family, I pray.

  14. Sweet (love&lightt)

  15. He melts my heart! I love Prince! He’s been my #1 friend since 1978. He’s such a genius!

    My condolences to Shelby J and family.

  16. Another clueless radio personality. Knew nothing about his music, asked really dumb questions. If u thought the View hosts were bad, this was worse. Is there anyone in Radio halfway intelligent. Prince may not be the easiest interview but, please go on a show that has an entertaining host. Go on Jimmy Fallon’s show it tapes in NY. Jam with ?uestlove, he sure knows his music. Or Conan’s show in LA. Jack White is a good friend of Conan’s and has praised Prince’s guitar work in many interviews over the years. Stop doing safe and boring interviews because of the host.

  17. Also my Prayers & Condolences 2 Shelby J & John B

  18. One word “Genius”

  19. Good lookin’ out Doc … :0)

  20. Love, Love, Love his speaking voice….thx so much for this Doc ! <3

  21. thats funny. love the part with her jumping on the bed to kiss his poster! awww

  22. The PK2-site ofcourse, my bad!

  23. I found it on the P2K-website, all the kuddos go to Fred!
    Have Fun(k)!

  24. Thx doc. Shelby, sending clouds of hugs 2 U and yours.

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