Listen Up: Prince Interviewed On 107.5 WBLS New York

Photo by Pia Asvig Uduebor

Prince continued his surprise appearances in New York City today when he dropped by the 107.5 WBLS studios for an interview; keyboard player Morris Hayes came with.

Prince talked about his upcoming shows at the IZOD Center on December 15 and 17, and his Madison Square Garden shows on December 18, 29 and January 18 (ticket info). Prince gifted the radio host with Prince candy bars – wonder if this means there will be some interesting new merchandise at the NY shows?

Prince also answered questions about the special guests that concertgoers can expect at the NY shows, how he stays looking so young, and whether he would ever launch his own shoe line (!!). Prince said he really doesn’t do interviews much because “if you listen to my music, that’s me now”.

During the interview, Prince sent prayers out to one of his backup singers, Shelby J., whose father passed away this week. We too send our condolences to Shelby and wish the best for her and her family.

Listen to the WBLS interview with Prince:

Special thanks to a reader for letting us know about this. – Dr.FB



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  • Daphne
    Posted at 20:39h, 30 December

    This interview was so cool. Prince looks gorgeous on this pic!

  • Modernaire
    Posted at 05:55h, 24 December

    I always find it funny how fans, the general public, radio personalities, look at Prince as if he’s that sexualized Prince of the Warner Brothers years, but in truth, he’s been a hardcore converted Jehovah Witness for about what 10 years or so now?

    Thus, Prince clearly avoids salacious questions, throws some weird time things and watch ads and all this Larry JW bible study stuff.

    I’m starting to actually find this funny! Because all you fans are really fans of a Jehovah Witness Prince. AND a fan of a very independent recording artist doing this very indie, with little support as he once had for ticket sales and promotion, etc. as he had when a record company would support him in these tours.

    Thus, you have cancellations, not a fully sold out show and to be fair, like in that other funnier radio interview, he did suggest sabotage. Which is very common for artists that start getting blacklisted in the music industry if you can even call it that anymore.

    So, you have to be mindful of that, that shows can be cancelled, artists used to promote may not finally play, lots of struggle but from what I’ve seen, some shows look great and have an energy and an effort on Prince’s part I haven’t seen in years. Much like i found 2 Otan album a fun facsimile of a classic Prince, I’m seeing the concerts also in the same light.

    But remember, you have to expect and not complain if you don’t get the t-shirt, or a show is cancelled, this and that. Prince is practically in charge of a lot of things, wearing all kinds of hats.

  • Jill H.
    Posted at 00:17h, 19 December

    I don’t know if there’s any way to tell Prince about this, so I’m just gonna post it here – or if he would care. But I bought tickets to his show on 12/14 and was traveling from Oregon and returning home on 12/15 when I was notified the show was cancelled. So I had to reschedule my flight and pay $400 for the flight change because of the change fee and because it was only a few days before the flight the fare had increased by $300! But I was not going to miss this concert. I just wanted to put that out there if he cares. Then of course there was the extra hotel night, extra day of meals, car rental etc. Just putting it out there if someone wanted to let him know a single Mom from Oregon lost quite a bit of money for the cancellation…..

  • KMP1025
    Posted at 19:46h, 12 December

    Thank you Doc! Great listening to Prince on the radio… Not feeling the talent who interviewed him …. Prince if you by chance do a show in Sacramento… the mic will be all yours… Thanks again Doc!

  • KMP
    Posted at 19:35h, 12 December

    Thank you Doc! Great listening to Prince on the radio… maybe when and if he comes to Sac yours truly can let him speak.. unlike the jock that interviewed him…. Why is she trying to out shine PRINCE?

  • Chocolatsis65
    Posted at 08:43h, 12 December

    A gain 4 the resurrection’ wonderfuly said my brotha. Are the bars dark chocolate? I want one! I wish I could go 2 any show! or anywhere right now were SNOWED IN!! oh well weve got music yeay…. Wow AS u get 2 go ALL of them u r so lucky!!

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