Exclusive! PRINCE Reaches Out To Former Revolution Member After Heart Attack

Bobby Z. & Wendy Melvoin. Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com Courtesy NPG Records 2011

Bobby Z. & Wendy Melvoin. Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com Courtesy NPG Records 2011

 Former PRINCE & The Revolution member Bobby Z. had a heart attack earlier this month.  He has since been released and is back home.  His former boss has a special treat in mind for him and fans.

PRINCE will be funking up the Oracle Arena next week in Oakland and PRINCE and company are rushing to get a new “Cali4nia” tour book ready for opening night!  Tickets are selling fast, so you better hurry.

The shot above taken from the Parade era featuring PRINCE, Bobby Z., & Wendy Melvoin will be in the new version of the tour book.   Also, other shots taken at PRINCE’s recording studio Paisley Park and his run of sold out shows at Madison Square Garden will be featured as well. 

PRINCE & The New Power Generation wants Bobby Z. to come out soon to join the tour and play “Purple Rain” with him.

Prince had this to say exclusively to DrFunkenberry.com;

“Nobody plays drums on the song “Purple Rain” like Bobby.  Never flashy or loud, he plays like a slow burn love song.  Bobby’s way of playing made each live rendition of the song better than the last.”

Hopefully, Bobby will be able to play “Purple Rain” soon. 

What do you guys think of the photo and PRINCE’s comments about Bobby Z?-Dr.FB

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  1. ann wagner

    great that prince is playing out west is it just me but the whole ballerina thing is silly we were at MSG for concert and it was awesome but leave the ballerina home.

  2. controversy12

    I like that Prince has opened up to share his feelings about Bobby Z & it would be awesome if they could share the stage again. When they do get to perform Purple Rain again I hope its recorded on HD/DVD so the world will get to see it . . . I LOVE the picture !!!! I want that program book . . . too bad I’m not in Cali.

    Thanks for the info Doc I love your site I don’t get to come around as much as I used to. . . keep up the good work

  3. Dan Woods

    If You can read this, reaching out to Bobby has all of our Purple hearts overjoyed- You know how bad we just want to You all together again- This is the Holy Grail to Prince lovers around the world. the Revolution won’t be televised, but it will be immortalized… Come to Portland,OR & Seattle- our moneys green!
    Dan Woods

  4. Prince is so sweet! i hate it when people sometimes say he doesn’t care because maybe he does but he doesn’t want to say anything. No doubt the folks over THERE will have something to complain about!

  5. Mirri

    That’s a beautiful pic <3
    Yes Bobby playing PP -gr8 thinking Prince <3

    ..and the circle closes.


  6. darcy

    So appreciative of Prince. So much disappointing YUK music being pumped out in today’s world. We love you Prince..

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  8. Musgrave

    What a Classy and Refreshing Change of events!

    God Bless – Bobby.

    Well Done – Prince.

    Musgrave – Chicago

  9. Chocolate_Box777

    That is a very nice gesture on Prince part. His mind is always creating and working on ideas that no one ever think of. Get well Bobby Z.

  10. Sbacon1999

    Awesome pic and a sweet gesture. Glad Bobby Z is on the mend – would love to see him on the tour! Can’t wait for Oakland shows!!!

  11. sboogie

    That ia really sweet of Prince… Showing once again what a class act he is. Hopefully when Bobby Z. is feeling better, he’ll take him up on it!!

  12. rdhull

    Anyone feel something else is in the works what with the last tour poster being Controversy enlarged as well?

  13. wally

    There is no engagement ring on his finger yet! Wonder who the lucky lady will be that gets to marry this beautiful man and have his babies. The line is looooong! Bobby Z better come on out and play, that will be epic .

  14. I love this photo! Prince, you so classy! I would love to see a mini revolution reunion at one of the Welcome to america shows.

    I got a similar poster of Prince posing with his guitar infront of the controversy album cover from one of the msg shows. Damn, I need this man not to be so sexy STILL.

  15. Klick

    That’s great news! Can’t wait to get that tou book. And I got my tix for Mondays show. OWWA!


  16. rubymoon53

    The picture is great. Prince’s comment about Bobby’s drumming for “Purple Rain” is right on.

  17. PamperedPeach AKA npgnicolette

    ★ Sweet!!! Hopefully it will happen and I am hoping to be there when it does!! ★
    Still praying for you Bobby!!! ☮ & ♥

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